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Washed Hands: When the sun rains (2009)


When the sun rains (2009) es el disco de debut del dúo canandiense Washed Hands. El combo factura una suerte de Electro-Pop en una onda Chillwave que les acerca a sus influencias, léanse Gold Panda, Delorean, Neon Indian, Cut Copy, Toro y Moi, Vega… a los que añaden una marcada influencia de sonidos de los ochenta del tipo Cyndi Lauper, y otros personajes del estilo de los neorománticos. En su coctelera, se han marcado un disco de debut variado, con temas animosos como I´m feeling so great, Datsun Dream o Fashionable television; con otros más ambientales y relajados (South shore PTs 1 & 2, Lachine Canal o Face down). Además acompañan su disco con unas cortinillas sonoras muy curiosas. Su música la ofrecen en descarga gratuita desde su Bandcamp.

Washed Hands – When the sun rains (2009)

“This is Washed Hands.
Have you ever heard the sound of one washed hand clapping?  No; a hand cannot clap itself, washed or otherwise, and the sound of fingertips barely tapping its own palm cannot be construed as a clap – it is but the sound of juvenile contrarianism.
Washed Hands is two people.  Two different people.  Two different people with four hands, twenty fingers, and a single called Lachine Canal (I’m On My Way) between them.  All twenty fingers are from Montreal.  Specifically Little Burgundy; specifically Yong’s dépanneur at the corner of rues Vinet and Saint-Antoine, home of the Mr. Brown.
Home of the Washed Hands.
Before they were Washed Hands, they had worked on a similarly noisy and computerized (albeit far more sitar-heavy and medium-paced) bedroom recording project.  They were called Lee Majors then.  They were a failure.  They hoarded bitterness as children hoard candy, and theirs was a nougat of loss. They saw only darkness at noon on a clear day; the sun rained.
Then…the chillwave movement happened.  The new-new romantics rode this newfound wave of chill as languidly as possible through capillaries and ventricles to hearts and minds, cresting on old songs turned new by pilgrims such as Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, VEGA, and Delorean.  Using only one MacBook Pro and one PC described as “Dell.  Desktop.  There’s an HP on it, maybe Hewlitt-Packard.”, they were to wield their tools as both scalpel and soldering iron on the bloated face of music.  Within a short 36 hours, these four hands were cleansed in a veritable tsunami of Cyndi Lauper drenched in reverb doused in delay; a-ha slowed to the deep-sea record-speed gravity of 33 1/2.
It was with their LP, “Where The Sun Rains” that they became Washed Hands.  It was through their becoming of Washed Hands that “Where The Sun Rains” became available through the Lebanon, Mass. online store, which can be found without much difficulty at  “Where The Sun Rains” is Pay What You Can, more commonly known by its diminutive PWYC.  Washed Hands understands if you can only pay nothing.  Set prices are for the unwashed masses.
Washed Hands.  Because it’s dinner time”
(Dossier de prensa)

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