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Finnmark!: Brännö (February Records, Single, 2013)

Brännö cover art

Aunque sonoramente suenen a Finlandeses, Finnmark! son de Leeds y Finnmark es una provincia noruega. Este single suena también un poco a Post-Punk, pero quizás con aire algo más festivo y lúdico, y a fuerza de ser sinceros, os diré que en absoluto son un grupo Post-Punk. Éste es su último sencillo para la disquera February Records, quienes acostumbran a ofrecernos platos para gourmets.

If someone was to ask us about a band that fully encompasses the DIY aesthetic,Finnmark! would be a great answer. From home movie-esque videos shot on old camcorders or in Edward’s own home, to hand-drawn artwork and some of the most creative merch we’ve seen in ages, Finnmark! really does live and breathe DIY. As Finnmark’s Edward Forth has said in the past, without the DIY mentality, Finnmark! wouldn’t exist. We’re sure happy they do!
Since Finnmark!’s last February Records release, the band has playedIndietracks in the UK, toured Sweden, and released their EP, “We’re Not Köping.” While touring on Sweden’s west coast, Edward shot a video for the band’s newest single “Brännö” on the very island in which the song is named” (February Records)

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