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The Hundred in The Hands: Gigantic Tom Tom (Single, 2010)

The Hundred in The Hands son un dúo de Electro-Pop formado en Nueva York alrededor de Jason Friedman y Eleonore Everdell. Su sonido es una mezcla de elementos electrónicos junto a una especie de Twee-Pop y arreglitos de guitarras. Electro-Post-Punk de juguete o algo así. Sea como fuere, su debut en Lp se editará este próximo 21 de Septiembre, y éste es uno de los temas de adelanto del que puedes disfrutar en descarga gratuita y legal.

The Hundred in Hands – Gigantic Tom Tom (Single, 2010)

“The Hundred in the Hands is Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman. The two live in Brooklyn and discovered their shared sensibility for early hip hop, French house and disco, ska and dub, post-punk, British invasion-mod and girl pop from the 60’s through the 80’s and decided to form a band. Their first song—the post-punk rave-up “Dressed in Dresden”—was written and recorded in a couple of days, released online, picked up and released as a 45 by a record shop in the U.K. where they were soon playing shows and coming to the attention of Warp Records. Meanwhile, the two retreated to the bunker to write and record. During that time, Friedman and Everdell focused on deciding exactly who they wanted to be. What they discovered and emerged with were 11 startling new tracks and a precise and deliberate sound.
The band’s self-titled debut album is an epic collection of adventurously crafted, perfectly manufactured and deceptively complex pop songs that embrace the duality between the electronic and the organic, between night and day.
Equal parts mutant disco, 80’s pop queen and Yé Yé girl, Eleanore’s epic vocals and lavish synths—both full and flirty, desperate and demanding—belie a naturalism that’s intensified and offset by Jason’s bass lines, programmed beats and guitars that swerve from angular, full-throttle riffs to vaporous and ephemeral shadows. Jason and Eleanore trade menacing metallic, razor sharp, turns, assembling towering melodies atop pulsing rhythms”

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