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Juego, Set y Partido – SIMON LOVE: Tennis Fan (Fortuna Pop!, 2016)

Tras dejar atrás su imagen Neo-Bubblegum y de eterna promesa favorita de John Peel, Simon Love tomó las riendas de su carrera y se ha convertido en algo así como un Krooner-Pop con influencias gamberras.
Tras su debut en solitario con It seemed like a good idea at the time (2015), el año pasado publicó este Ep con cuatro temas y acompañamiento orquestal incluido, aunque no faltan referencias a su sonido anterior en cortes como R U Dynamite (con parrafito en castellano) o la revisión de Motherfuckers. Por cierto, no os perdáis el divertido vídeo-homenaje dylaniano.

“Simon’s recent offerings have drawn decade-spanning comparisons from Adam Green and Father John Misty to a “potty-mouthed Macca”, Elliott Smith, early Todd Rundgren, early Elton John and The Kinks.
In his own words…”Tennis Fan use vague tennis terms to detail the end of a relationship, packing in power ballad drums, a triple-tracked guitar solo and an amazing crescendo from A Little Orchestra (London mini-orchestra-to-rent). At live shows there’ll be tennis balls with download codes attached…they’re just as pointless as cassette tapes” (Shindig)

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Simon Love: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (Fortuna Pop!, 2015)

The meaning of Love

Para su debut en largo, Simon Love (viejo amigo de TJB), ha decidido, de alguna forma, romper con su tradicional sonido Bubblegum tan alabado en su etapa anterior con The Loves para decidirse a hacer un álbum más maduro, más elaborado, más empapado de sonidos setenteros. Yo lo interpreto, de alguna manera, como un tributo a Paul McCartney, y no sólo por su cover de Dear Boy, sino por ejemplo, otro homenaje como Elton John, o cortes como The New Adam and Eve, Motherfuckers, My dickSweetheart you should probably go to sleep, Don´t get the gurl no more, donde se respira ese aire nostálgico setentero.
Aún así, para los que nos gustan los temas de Simon Love y su forma de hacer las cosas, tenemos varias oportunidades de encontrarnos con sus mejores momentos: You kiss your mother with that mouth, ***(Is a dirty word), Wowie Zowie o la divertida The meaning of Love. La verdad es que aunque el sonido de Love se aleje algo de sus trabajos anteriores, continúa habiendo un punto en común con todos ellos, y es la acidez y el sentido del humor tan británico del que se impregna todo el disco.
Una buena forma de comenzar una carrera en solitario que espero que le proporcione tan buenos momentos como con su grupo de siempre.

“With his long-running band the Loves, it was always hard to pin the irrepressible Simon Love down. His group’s albums veered from style to style — bubblegum to girl group, punky romps to glammy stomps — all topped off with Love‘s offbeat lyrical bent. Now out on his own, Love‘s debut album It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time travels a similarly crooked path, but with a bit more style and savoir-faire this time out. Bringing in strings from A Little Orchestra and brass provided by the Voluntary Butler Scheme‘s Rob Jones, the album has a lush sound and the songs are built to match. He still swerves all over the place, from a Nilsson-esque cover of Paul McCartney‘s “Dear Boy” to the swinging ’60s groover “Wowie Zowie,” which could have been lifted from an unmade funny Austin Powers movie. He also dishes out some good-time rock & roll on “You Kiss Your Mother with That Mouth?” and classic rock piano balladry on “Motherfuckers,” and lays down some very pretty chamber pop on “Elton John.” It makes for a great-sounding record with something interesting happening at all times, musically and in other ways too, as Love pulls no punches lyrically, whether cursing out love in no uncertain terms on “**** (Is a Dirty Word),” lamenting the damage a certain appendage has done on “My Dick,” or detailing his explicit plans to restart society on “The New Adam & Eve.” It’s quirky for sure, but Love pulls it off by actually being witty, and because of how catchy the songs are. One can forgive a fair amount of lyrical tomfoolery if you can sing along happily, and that’s certainly the case here. He’s been making really fun music for a long time, but on his solo debut Simon Love takes it a little deeper and a little weirder, and in the process has created an intriguing little oddball album that’s well worth checking out if you’re a fan of that kind of thing” (All Music)

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