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Burnt Ones: Glass dream R.I.P.s. (Mt.St.Mtn., Single, 2014)

Burnt Ones picks up where it left off on debut LP ‘Black Teeth & Golden Tongues” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ Fuzzed out glam rock of the highest order on a release that fits the aesthetic of psych rock juggernauts Burger Records and Castleface Records. The vocals are more discernible and the instrumentals are tightened on this terrific sophomore effort.1960s pop themes intertwine with fuzzed out psychedelic rock in an unabashed celebration of all things glam. On earlier releases, the vocals of lead-singer Mark Tester often got lost in Burnt Ones all-encompassing wall of sound. Such is not the case here. The reverb-heavy vocals ride a propulsive crest of fuzzed out guitars. It’s a much bigger sound than any four-piece has a right to offer.

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