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HATER: Four tries down (New album ’Siesta’ out on Fire Records on the 28th of September)

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“As their reputation gathers global attention, Hater have continued to blossom making a compelling slice of angular pop music that’s dysfunctional, dreamy, tempting and teasing. 
‘Four Tries Down’ presents an acute hand-tooled angular rasp, with its chiming guitar chopped out against a disengaged rhythm, topped with the dreamy ambience of Caroline Landahl’s whispered confessional that cuts through the mesmerising hum” (Fire Records)


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It´s so simple – HATER: Siesta (Fire Records, 2018)

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“Hater’s songs epitomize jangling grace as Caroline Landahl coos with maximum approachability.” NPR

“Filled with infectious riffs and easy-going melodies, Caroline Landahl’s bittersweet vocal delivery always keeps things rough around the edges.”Stereogum

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HATER: Fall off (Single, Fire Records, 2018)

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“One of the best, most underappreciated bands in the world (…) “Fall Off” finds Hater at their most softly devastating, wistful and full of hope, and it’s one of our favorite tracks from the group’s beautiful new LP Siesta” (Gorilla Vs Bear)


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Evoluciones – HATER: Red Blinders – You tried (Fire Records, 2017)

El Pop escandinavo que tan de moda estuvo en la primera década de los dos mil, evoluciona, de alguna forma, hasta discos como este You Tried, el debut de los suecos de Malmoe HATER. Un álbum muy breve y que no destaca particularmente por nada más allá de retrotraernos a momentos mejores, evocando el Pop de los sesenta, el Jangle y el Dream.

“Despite having only been a band for about a year, Hater’s interpretation of indie pop is equally refreshing and devastating. At its core, You Tried is a proper debut that pins guitar jangles to pensive dream pop, but it also finds the Malmö quartet pulling off rifts of moody post-punk (“Always Hard To Get By”), 60s-style classic rock (“Cry Later”), and erratic homages to Dying To Say This To You(“Heavy Hearts”), and doing so with ease. It’s potent and well-paced, and a lot of the intimacy stems from Caroline Landahl’s voice and the way it sticks to melodies that are layered with raw configurations of grit, anxiety, and longing. On “Had It All”, she’s committed to turning lovesick thoughts into a glimmer of hope, and then on the title track “You Tried”, she’s lost in a wave of lived-in pain — singing over aqueous riff-etry while gutting you from the inside out” (Blare Magazine)

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Blushing – HATER: Red blinders (Fire Records, 2017)

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“Swedish four-piece Hater’s thoughtful hodgepodge of dreamy indie-pop and post-punk sensibilities earned them a place on our Best New Bands list. Their debut album, You Tried, reshaped familiar sounds, akin to Alvvays, into a fully formed style of their own. “Rest,” from their upcoming Red Blinders EP, is more of the same in the best way possible. (We praised the project’s sweet-and-jangly lead single last month.) On “Rest,” frontwoman Caroline Landahl’s airy vocals float around a persistent guitar, leading into a satisfyingly bouncy chorus and guitar break” (Stereogum)


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Tardes de Otoño – HATER: Blushing (from Red Blinders, Fire Records, 2017)

“You can imagine John Peel’s hurriedly inaccurate summation of a cold and unforgiving Swedish winter as he juxtaposes the big-jumper-like welcoming warmth of Hater. Their lush and tempered guitars are an almost Marr-approved Smiths-like foil for Caroline Landahl’s beautifully accented and accentuated vocal” (It’s a heartwarming brew)


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Buen intento – HATER: You tried (PNKSLM Recordings, 2017)

“The Swedish indie pop quartet Hater released their debut EP Radius this summer and now they’re back with new music in the shape of new single “Mental Haven”, the first single from their upcoming debut LP You Tried. You Tried is due on March 10 next year, released via Swedish indie label PNKSLM Recordings, and the album is produced by Swedish producer Joakim Lindberg (a Malmö based producer who’s previously worked with acclaimed indie acts such as YAST and Hey Elbow). A big step forward for the young act, more confident and melodious than the EP, but still retaining the urgency along with a heavy dose of both emotion and heart. 
Hater was formed this spring by Caroline Landahl, Måns Leonartsson, Adam Agace and Lukas Thomasson, all musicians based in Sweden’s third biggest city Malmö, just across the strait from Copenhagen, who’d all had their share of experience in other local acts before deciding to strike out as Hater. They quickly set to recording what would become their debut EP Radius, working with Joakim Lindberg, and soon signed with PNKSLM Recordings who released the EP in early July. Taking their musical cues from the likes of Alvvays, The Pretenders, Neil Young and The Radio Dept, all led by Landahl’s gorgeous vocals, Hater soon drew a lot of attention, including praise from international music publications such as The FADER and The Line of Best Fit.
Among those to declare themselves fans were the band’s heroes in The Radio Dept. who asked them to open for them on their first Scandinavian tour in five years. After spending the summer and early fall recording You Tried while touring around Sweden and making their UK debut show in London, Hater will be touring with The Radio Dept. later this year ahead of a full UK and EU tour around the album release this spring. With You Tried Hater easily establishes themselves as Sweden’s most exciting new indie act, offering up a sound that’s both instantly accessible and grows with every listen” (Press Note)


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