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Infinity Girl: Harm (Topshelf Records, 2015)

Urgencias guitarreras y esencias Shoegazers.


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Infinity Girl: Just like lovers (Ep, 2012)

Just Like Lovers cover art

Con una portada que no hace justicia a su música, se presenta este segundo disco de Infinity Girl, un grupo Noise de Boston que publica este Ep de título evocador a cierto grupo de los ochenta de pelos cardados y una música altamente interesante: una especie de mezcla entre el Dream-Pop y el Noise más arrebatador (Untitled-July, Summer gold, Not my hang) o el Pop de guitarras más contundente (Taking nothing, Read yr mind). Un grupo evidentemente a seguir en un futuro más que cercano.


“If you wrote these track names down on a piece of paper and told me to circle one that sums up Infinity Girl for me, I’d have to circle “Taking Nothing”. The waves of sound cascade through the headphones, but running counter to everything is a nice bit of lyricism and melody that really makes me love the track. Nolan Eley’s vocals are far from overpowering and while occasionally they are swallowed by all the shimmer, I feel like this is probably intentional. When his voice emerges it creates a new dynamic, and the sound of the band really meshes.
I’d like to touch on “Not My Hang”, which is something akin to “same cut, different cloth” when it comes to this band. This is easily the most beautiful track on the EP and it’s right up there as my favorite on this release. “Not My Hang” meanders, almost folk-like, very laid back indie rock. You listen and you could fall in love. It really makes you wonder, is this the same band? Well, that is until around two minutes in where Infinity Girl stomps on the gas and everything about the track is turned up to ten. It’s an amazing listen. Even if you hated all four other tracks (which would be surprising, and cause me to question your taste) you have to listen to this one and get caught up in it” (

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