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Manett: The Street Urchin (B-Sides) (2014)

Manett is a musician based in Brooklyn. She grew up on an island in Micronesia and came to New York at the age of 19. She was a member of the band Cholo” (…)
“THE SEA URCHIN are five songs I wrote and recorded between 2009-2012. They are my first forays as a solo artist. For other songs I appear in please check out the band cholo. Thank you to Mark Ospovat for your encouragement, sound judgement (pun intended), and hand-rolled cigarettes. I am also very grateful to Felipe Flores, David Kibbel, and Gary Gartlan for trusting my musical instincts when I did not. And finally much warmth to Alethea and Arlene Bordallo, Carlo Munoz, Aries Casta, Eoin McGrath, and Peter Prudente, without whose support and friendship I would’ve never finished the damn thing!”

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