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Mechanimal: Mechanimal (Inner Ear Records, 2013)

Día hoy para sonidos electrónicos, clásicos o, como algunos los llaman, avanzados (¿?).

Mechanimal cover art

Mechanimal resemble a living organism that maintains faith in the power of an electrically amplified sound, embracing techno form, poetry and spoken word, and, like a parasite from a sonic microcosm, traps you in a surreal, magical and occult landscape. The founding member of this new musical project, Giannis Papaioannou, is a music producer with a long track record in the Greek indie scene (Rehearsed Dreams, Raw, Elfish Records, Ion). Along with vocalist and photographer Freddie F., who has captured some of the most interesting portraits of our time in Athens and New York and guitarist Tassos Nikogiannis, founding member of indie darlings Make Believe, they arrange the pulse of a musical ensemble that beats inside the mechanical body of this creature of sound. 

The 10 tracks that make up the debut album of Mechanimal are inspired by the urban landscape of modern Athens and the situations affecting it the last few years. From the first low whispering frequencies of “Funny”, to the angry dissected image of “Low Land”, which closes the album, the sound of “Mechanimal” expresses the disintegration of an era as well as a revolutionary effort to reconnect with the fundamentals of music itself. Through theatrical vocals, muffled basslines, monophonic synthesizers, vintage rhythm boxes and derailed guitar distortion, this sound creature named Mechanimal is driven by a spontaneous instinct that manages to harness momentum and strength in a riveting way” (Bandcamp)

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