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Moonbeams: Part time punk sessions (2014)

Tonos ocres tirando a oscuros y ecos Shoegazers para este nuevo sencillo de los californianos Moonbeams.

forever heard my lonely cries and built a city out of lies

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Moonbeams: Radio San Francisco (Ep, 2013)

Radio San Francisco cover art¡Ésta sí que es una auténtica sobredosis de distorsión! Pero ojo, perfectamente controlada y nada desbocada. La música de los californianos Moonbeams, tiene mucho de deudora tanto del Noise como del Fuzz. Es decir, nos vamos a encontrar las influencias habituales: JMC, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive… cabalgando hipnoticamente sobre nubes de distorsión (TJB, Agosto, 2011).
Una producción algo más cuidada les haría mucho bien, así como algunos estribillos más adherentes, pero la intensidad de sus guitarras les puede convertir en una apuesta más que acertada en las huestes Shoegazers


Oooh, I love them, yes I do! Those moments when you listen to a band’s music for the first time and you’re hooked and feel home in less than a sec. “Radio San Francisco”, the current release by California’s Moonbeams is such a tonal trip that got me right away. The EP holds five songs that melodically blend psychedelic shoegaze with atmospheric dream pop and a crunchy, raucous incorporation of noise pop. The captain of Moonbeams, Ryan Lescure, colors the catchy and melancholically tinted adventure with embracing, thoughtful vocals. While listening, some of the band’s influences shine through, like My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Skywave, but Moonbeams manage to mix those inspirational splinters into their own tasty and fuzz-driven, swirling cocktail that in addition to seductively bittersweet melody-kisses-noise sounds showcases skilful songwriting. A shimmering and luscious dive from start to finish” (Clank for Breakfast)

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Moonbeams: The daisy chain (2011)

The Daisy Chain Cover Art

Imaginaos que estáis escuchando el Psychocandy con el giradiscos estropeado y con menos revoluciones de la cuenta. Ésta sería la mejor definición de The Daisy Chain, el debut de los californianos Moonbeams. Un disco en el que el Fuzz-Pop es el protagonista absoluto y arrollador de todos sus temas. Tan pronto tienen ramalazos de los JMC como de los Slowdive o los primeros Boo Radleys. Guitarras afiladas como cuchillos que cabalgan hipnóticamente a sus anchas sobre una espesa nube de distorsión y overdrive controlados hasta cierto punto. Un álbum para los verdaderos amantes del Noise y que personalmente recomendaría que se digeriera a dosis cortas. Un hartazgo de distorsión puede llevarnos a auténticos quebraderos de cabeza.

Moonbeams – The daisy chain (2011)

“All great shoegaze/dream pop boils down to an exercise in utter time distortion. This debut record from San Francisco indie outfit Moonbeams is no exception. Their particular brand of slow-motion pop with its psychedelic guitar and swirling percussion is an atmospheric delight. The lazy vocals have a rich, warm resonance that pours over each track just like honey. All of this culminates into an introspective sonic storm, the ebb and flow of which lulls this listener into a state of timelessness.
So what sets the Moonbeams apart? The right amount of fuzz on the needle. The lo-fi aspect isn’t forced for the sake of it but genuine and natural. Despite the fact they’re up there floating around in the clouds, you can’t accuse them of being aimless. A good sense of balance and direction prevents this record from drifting too far and losing sight of the listener. The track order works, the titular song which comes four tracks in is a stand-out for me, as is ‘Ultraviolet’ around the middle and the final track ‘Eternal Life’ drives it home nicely. I have no major criticism of The Daisy Chain and I’m not going to burst this bubble with trivial nitpicking. It makes you reminisce for the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain without drawing unfavorable comparisons” (

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Moonbeams: Lazy (7″, 2011)


Lazy es el título perfecto para un single como el nuevo tema que acaba de editar Ryan Moonbeam para el sello Hop Skip Jump Records. Un tema donde florecen toda la nostalgia y el ambiente introspectivo que rodean la música de Moonbeams, el proyecto de Bedroom-Pop de Ryan, quien armado con sus guitarras, sus pedales y su ampli Vox Ac15 factura un Shoegaze de baja intensidad pero de altos niveles de ruido. Nos recuerda a JMC, a Boo Radleys, a Stone Roses… pero nos encanta y nos fascina. Pronto aparecerá el disco en formato físico. Por lo pronto lo puedes descargar desde su Bandcamp. Es toda una gozada.

Moonbeams – Lazy (7″, 2011)

“Moonbeams is a psychedelic pop band that is as influenced by noisy, guitar-based music with
subdued vocals as much as it is by indie pop. Armed with a reverb pedal and an overdriven vox ac15
(which was later expanded to include many, many other pedals), Moonbeams aim to create songs
that have an introspective, informal, and nostalgic feeling.

The San Diego Union-Tribune writes, “Locally crafted in the likes of Sigur Ros, Stone Roses and the
Jesus and Mary Chain, Moonbeams call their lo-fi Valium-laced pop hymnals purposefully imperfect.”

Regarding the debut Moonbeams EP, the San Diego CityBeat writes, “Already think the lo-fi sound
and shoegaze revival is soooo 2009? Well, few local debuts have gotten me as excited as the recently
released Moonbeams EP. Sure, it sounds familiar, but this bedroom project juices all the best parts of
The Jesus and Mary Chain and Spacemen 3 and somehow serves it up with little homogeny” (

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