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Fireflies: In dreams (Jigsaw Records, 2014)

PZL049: Fireflies - In Dreams cover art

Auténtico caramelo Jangle. Gominolas de Twee aderezado con unas melodías simples y efectivas. Auténtica adicción al azúcar más meloso. Fireflies es el proyecto unipersonal del californiano Lisle Mitnik.

“I was enchanted the very first time I heard Fireflies several years back, and have been following his work on labels such as Music Is My Girlfriend, Twenty Seven and Happy Prince ever since. His gentle and memorable songs always seem to simultaneously evoke feelings of hope and heartache – the same feelings you would’ve gotten from a band like the Field Mice, Brighter or Razorcuts. Yes, I would certainly put the band – and this record, his third – up with those legends; and I believe that 10 or 15 years from now, Fireflies will be given the same reverence as those other bands get now. Simply put, this is pure indiepop at its best” (Bandcamp)

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