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The Chills: When the poor can reach the moon (Fire Records, 2015)

Precioso tema con el que The Chills volvieron a ofrecernos un momento glorioso de puro Pop, capaz de, como se dice en la crítica, competir con el espíritu de Shinny Happy People.

‘When The Poor…’ is more just than an ode to the wonderment of reaching the moon, the Chills deliver up a plea on behalf of the displaced and disillusioned the world over, in a wryly observed Christmas commentary for our times…and it’s that rare thing, an insightful pop anthem with intelligence, heart and soul.
A triumphant return to the ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’ glory days with a hook to rival ‘Shiny Happy People’.
The Chills are: Martin Phillipps (Guitar/Vox), James Dickson (Bass/Backing Vocals), Todd Knudson (Drums/Backing Vocals), Erica Stichbury (Violin/Backing Vocals) and Oli Wilson (Keyboards/Backing Vocals).
“After three decades of near-misses and dark alleys, Phillipps has finally embraced his role as king of the underdogs. On Silver Bullets, he fights back the only way he knows how: with beauty.” (Pitchfork)


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