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Vocabulary: Faded Days (2011)


Vocabulary es una agrupación que factura una suerte de Pop de Baja-Intensidad (Rearrange shelves, Nowhere [Beth]) adornado con elementos que lo acercan tanto al Ambient (Oskar) como a la música más experimental (Spider claws, Gown, Temples), como al Chillwave (Agnes Lister, Window Seal) o a la Electrónica (Children, Collision)… un proyecto muy acorde con los últimos tiempos que corren en la música Pop donde los géneros más diversos parecen casar de forma natural. En cualquier caso Vocabulary puede ser otra de esas referencias para entender esta nueva década musical. Ponlo en tu reproductor y deja que la música fluya. Su álbum de debut está autoproducido y lo ofrecen en su Bandcamp para que abones el precio que tú consideres oportuno.

Vocabulary – Faded Days (2011)

“Vocabulary craft some interesting ambient garage rock. I bet those are two genres that you never really pictured together. Well me neither, but these guys manage to make it sound really good. Their album Faded Days debuted on bandcamp just yesterday and you can pay anything you want for it.”The music evokes thoughts of distant, forgotten memories. It hearkens back to eras gone by, although it’s hard to pin down just where the influences come from. Sounding sometimes like surf rock (a la Beach Fossils) while other times leaning more in an experimental direction. The band’s use of reverb and sparse guitar wash over you like waves of fog giving the album a feeling of being in an eerie, dreamlike state. I recommend you give this album a whirl. Put it on and let it seep slowly but surely into your brain” (

Bandcamp / Descarga Legal, Pon el Precio-Free Legal Download, Name the price

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