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Dan Brasco: Sick family (Ep,2009), Astor Bell

Como bien sabéis los que sois lectores habituales del blog, en The JangleBox no somos precisamente entuasiastas de la música electrónica, pero en esta ocasión hemos decidido abrir nuestras miras ya que el sello sueco Astor Bell se ha puesto en contacto con nosotros para enviarnos su catálogo. Los suecos ponen a disposición de todo aquel que visite su página web casi todo el material que van editando, y este Ep del alemán Dan Brasco no iba a ser una excepción. Se trata del segundo Ep de una trilogía que comenzó este año y que se basa en el Techno más minimalista y que utiliza los sintes hasta la saciedad. Como no somos especialistas en la materia, os dejo las notas de prensa del disco para que conozcáis algo más de él. Puedes descargar el disco pinchando, como siempre, en la portada, o en el link de abajo. En el post anterior os adjunto su primer Ep, Two-tier society.
“Number two in Dan Brasco’s triplet of concept EP:s is yet another elegant synthesizer journey. Over a steady beat the different melodies play around and together they create a dreamy atmospheric experience. Dark yet playful with just the right amount of retro feel added to it.
If you’re into labeling life, than maybe slomo minimal trance would do it. However we recommend you to leave the analysis behind on this one, and just enjoy the ride. Or dance the night away for that matter.
Dan Brasco is a European, hailing from Bremen, Germany. In the early 1990s he started to prepare his first mixtapes which mainly consisted of material from radio stations, but also recordings of his own voice. If labled as anything these experiments moved around between pop and hip hop. Years later Dan started gaining interest in electronic music and consequently producing his own material. Something covering dark techno synth arrangements, lovely straightness and delirious experiments, brewed together”
Descarga Gratuita/Free Download
Astor Bell – Official page

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Dan Brasco: Two-tier society (Ep,2009), Astor Bell

Two-tier society es el primer Ep de la trilogía que el alemán Dan Brasco nos tiene preparada para este año y el próximo. Techno minimalista basado en el empleo masivo de sintetizadores que conforman paisajes hipnóticos.
“This is the first release out in a series of concept EP:s from Dan Brasco. It’s a melodic piece of minimal techno that takes the listener on a floating journey through hypnotic landscapes. Soothing for the soul, but catchy enough get some fingers snapping.
Both tracks are built on small variations on a melodic theme. The opener, For the Poor, is leaning towards the light side of life, adding a dose of sunshine pop feel to the strict beat. Simple in that exquisite way that takes a genious to compose.
While Foor the Rich bears more than a passing resemblance to its predecessor, it also explores slightly darker territories. Crank up the bass on this one. But even though it’s deeper and beats harder, it’ll leave you in a dreamy, nearly weightless state” (
Descarga gratuita/Free download
Astor Bell – Official page

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