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The Baboon Show: What a feeling (Single, 2013)

THE BABOON SHOW | "What A Feeling" (2013)Como viene siendo habitual, la discográfica Birds Will Sing for You nos ofrece periodicamente pequeñas muestras de todo el panorama musical que se cuece en la región más nórdica de Europa.
Estos suecos, por ejemplo son una especie de cruce bastardo y desde luego bastante enérgico entre Fleetwood Mac y The Hives. Son muy animosos, y tienen toda la pinta de ser una de esas bandas animadoras de guateques nocturnos…

“The Baboon Show strikes back with a new album and a new agenda! Once again they have worked together with producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Randy) in Studio Gröndahl, Stockholm. The title “People’s Republic Of The Baboon Show Formerly Known As Sweden” says a lot about their fifth studio album. They’ve had enough and this time there’s a fire over Stockholm City. No one can escape The Baboon Show’s explosive and revolutionary punk rock’n’roll program! The release will be followed up with a release party in Stockholm and a massive tour in Germany and Czech Republic among others. Be prepared!!! (Press)

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