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Expwy: Deep joy (Kinnta Records, 2013)

Deep Joy cover art

De vez en cuando nos topamos con algún tema que nos llega al alma más Powerpopera. Porque el género del que hablo es uno de los que más puede llegar a emocionarnos en un momento dado. Y si encima le añadimos unas gotitas Fuzzy y estribillos como los de In her hand, her trembling love o Pale, pained and gleaming, con todas las referencias oldies que queráis, el resultado es absolutamente arrebatador.
Deep Joy, es un trabajo amable, fácil de escuchar y lleno de referencias, desde Elvis Costello a Beach Boys, pasando por Big Star o The Ramones. Temas de impacto instantáneo, súbita subida de adrenalina, estribillos perfectos y melodías absolutamente contagiosas. Publicado por la discográfica canadiense Kinnta Records.

LeGroulx’s songs can be challenging, for sure, but isn’t that what music and art should do? Sometimes I think we as cultural consumers don’t know what we want. We moan that populist pap is indistinguishable from one artist to another, and we complain when an artist tries to do something out-of-the-box for being too much work for our mushy brains to process. the charm of Expwy for me, is that LeGroulx is not intentionally trying to be difficult, nor is he trying to hit the pole position on the Hype Machine top 100. He’s exploring intellectual and artistic themes, being influenced by Italian Renaissance madrigal composers and The Flaming Lips alike, and he’s not precious or pretentious about it. He’s a unique artist, with a unique take on pop music, and any music buff worth the weight of their vinyl collection would be foolish not to give Expwy a thorough listen” (Quick Before it Melts)

“Power pop is still kicking and kicking hard. One listen to Matt LeGroulx’s latest, as Expwy will leave you with no doubt. After spending over a year crafting these finely honed hooks, the finished product is ready for mass consumption. Deep Joy is an addictive mash note to the days when pop music had teeth.
The culmination of three years of experimentation and research during which LeGroulx tried out several different styles, from Classic Rock to Bossa Nova to Synth-Pop. What you hear on Deep Joy is the fruit of that labour. It is another giant leap forward for Expwy, surpassing its predecessors in production, performance and writing. Anyone who appreciates top-notch song craft will recognize this album as an instant classic” (Press)

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