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Colby Bryant: Popsicle (Single, 2011)

 Popsicle Cover Art

Popsicle es el single de Colby Bryant, de quienes tan sólo sé que son un dúo formado por Fritz Pfaff y Sam Grossinger. Acaban de editar este ruidoso sencillo de apariencia Garajera o Psico-Playera. En realidad, tan sólo es un divertimento ruidoso con evidente vocación Lo-Fi. Como no sé más de ellos, pues os dejo con los enlaces para descargar el tema si es que os gusta. Esperaré más noticias suyas.

Colby Bryant – Popsicle (Single, 2011)

Colby Bryant is actually two high school seniors named Fritz Pfaff and Sam Grossinger and given the cover art and the words thrown around on their bandcamp, you’d think that they were forging a new genre. “Scoot-tunes”… “scooter-gaze” … “scoot-fi”… Kinda funny.
But when you actually listen to their tune “Popsicle” you realize that the whole scooter thing is just a joke. The music itself is much more serious. Well, seriously awesome. “Popsicle” is a lo-fi surf rock jam that burns in your ears. Underneath the fuzz and the surfy riffage is some strange manic sample. It almost sounds like a panicked crowd of people.
The 1960’s saw a boom of beach party/sci-fi b-movies. They always start off innocently enough. Dancing to some swell tunes, smacking a beach ball around, and making out on a beach blanket. And then the aliens come up out of the water. Pretty soon the beach is filled with the sounds of screaming and panic. That’s the vibe of this song. Kinda crazy, I know. But listen and you’ll see” (

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