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Everyone But Me: Everyone But Me (Ep, 2015)

everyone but me cover art

Un marasmo de guitarras, toneladas de distorsión, melodías inaudibles y una sensación general algo claustrofóbica al fin. Todos estos elementos confluyen en el debut del combo Post-Shoegaze de Ohio Everyone But Me.

“The EP opens up with the epic ‘Isn’t Far’ with its sonically astute opening chord structure leading into the ‘Thousand Yardstare’ esq’ shuffling effected drum pattern.Its dreamy vocal arrangement intertwined with that catchy guitar hook instantly adheres itself to you with its stunningly addictive qualities and its emotive inner layers of fuzzy reverberations are to die for. Up next is ‘Say Farewell’. Reminiscent at times to‘My Bloody Valentine’ but with an added modern day shoegazing twist in the form of the immense vocal arrangements on show. The production on this track alone is captivating & leaves this listener floating in a sea of reverb induced brilliance. Track 3 – ‘Just Like Anyone’ is sonic thrill ride through experimental drum arrangements, screaming guitar effects & droning vocal lines. This is another masterpiece as far as I’m concerned! By the time we get to track 4 – ‘I Never Believed You’ I’m addicted to the sound that these guys have created. This track is  an introduction to a magical world of pounding drums, fuzzy reverb, epic vocals & shimmering dreampop induced brilliance. The closing track on this immense debut 5 track release from Ohio based‘Everyone But me’ is nothing short of sublime! ‘Still Not Enough’ is 7 minutes plus of dimension hopping sonic heaven. The vocals are captivating to the point of hypnotisation!  This is psychedelic snake charming with a sonic boom that’ll launch you into the fuzzy atmosphere with relative ease! A stunning finale to an absolutely immense debut release” (The Primal Music Blog)

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