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Coma Cinema: Blue suicide (2011)

En estos tiempos que corren, la autoproducción ha pasado de ser una mera forma de autoedición a convertirse en uno  de los principales medios de distribución, principalmente vía internet, de la música producida por músicos que, en su mayor parte, les fluyen las ideas por la cabeza sin tener, uno: una banda propiamente dicha; dos, y lo más importante: un sello discográfico que le permita distribuir su música. Pues sí, en estos tiempos, maldita la falta que hacen compañías discográficas cuando con un medio como internet casi cualquiera con un mínimo talento puede grabarse y distribuir su música convenientemente a través de la red casi sin gastarse un céntimo.
Mat Cothran es uno de esos ejemplos. Músico inquieto y espíritu libre, es el máximo responsable de la música de Coma Cinema. Con una cierta inquietud por el pasado y por la oscuridad, en todos sus sentidos, Cothran ha parido ya tres álbumes en los que se nota una cierta evolución, pero siempre han tenido como premisas una grandeza de miras que no siempre ha estado reñida con la escasez de medios. En este Blue suicide (2011), Cothran ha parido una docena de canciones que tienen como punto en común el medio tiempo, el relax sonoro, una cierta envoltura en un aura synthpop y una influencia de bandas de los noventa. Tremendamente personal, la música de Coma Cinema no llegará nunca a las masas, pero sí que puede hacer mella de oídos sensibles.
Por cierto, su música está disponible para descarga gratuita desde su página web.

Coma Cinema – Blue suicide (2011)

“Through a kaleidoscope of sounds, instruments, and production techniques, listeners are provided lyrics addressing various emotional vicissitudes. We are beckoned to “run from the past as it explodes”, a past that releases feelings of fading ontological consciousness. Blue Suicide might as well be the guidebook on how to be alone, as Cothran manages to somehow find warmth and company in lonely solitude. It is the perfect soundtrack to those introspective late night walks; the sensation of disappearing and reappearing awaiting you in every movement between the light of streetlamps and the dark veil of the AM. Sometimes desperately searching for happiness (“Caroline please kill me, send my spirit to your mind and I will hang out with your feelings until the end of time”), and sometimes given into placid depression (“Being alive makes me feel like a whore / And it’s nice, it’s alright, I am already bored”), his words and feelings are murky, mysterious, and in constant flux. Probably the most totally exposed moment is found on the track “Eva Angelina” (a pseudo-tribute to the pornographic actress of the same name), lyrically detailing slow and lonely personal decay. No friends, no motivations, no plans. Cothran confines to Eva Angelina through the chorus (“I want to know…what Eva Angelina knows”).
It’s hard not to sound hyperbolic when writing about an album that delivers a knock-out punch like this one; it is an album so consistent and refreshing without actually reinventing the genre in any way. It could be said that Blue Suicide is merely a knit-quilt of indie-rock’s finest yarns. What sets this apart from the seemingly endless waves of homespun indie-pop is the sheer amount of professionalism and ear for melody that this grassroots magician has. In a world where indie rockers have “evolved” from slackers to messiahs, Mat Cothran has position himself squarely in the middle and recorded a nonchalant emotional epic free of any pretension, nostalgia pandering, or lofty expectations. There’s a natural charm to the works of Coma Cinema as potential brevity is traded in for retrogressive subtlety. There are no attempts to make this album sound any bigger than what it is: just the weekend project of some presumably lonely guy, recorded in various basements, garages, and sheds. Blue Suicide is an album of such high caliber that it puts yesteryear’s over-hyped and better-equipped critical darlings to shame, and it stands as a testament to the rising potential of humble songwriters working out of the confines of their dated home studios. If all artistic potential is fully realized in one brilliant and creative gust, consider Blue Suicide a fucking tsunami” (

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