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ANNA BURCH: With you every day + Live Sessions


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With You every Day – ANNA BURCH: Quit the curse (Polyvinyl Records, 2018)

Quit the Curse

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Si algo me sorprendió cuando oí el debut de Anna Burch, este Quit the Curse (Polyvinyl, 2018) fue la perfecta estructura de la gran mayoría de sus cortes: su academicismo perfecto, su adecuación melódica a unos cánones conocidos (Indie-Pop de los noventa, Pop sesentero de solistas femeninas, Folk de raigambre setentera…) pero no por ello menos agradecidos y mencionables; todo ello unido a una voz absolutamente arrebatadora.
Lo cierto es que al leer algo más de la chica, descubrí que su trayectoria musical iba más allá de este debut, y que había formado parte de proyectos previos. Evidentemente, gracias a esa información, comprobaba que esa calidez y calidad de sus temas era consecuencia de su experiencia previa.
Quit the curse es el típico disco que no te descubrirá nuevos horizontes pero que te hará disfrutar si eres amante de los sonidos noventeros y de la nueva escena neofolkie. Recomendable.

“The nine songs that comprise Quit the Curse come on sugary and upbeat, but their darker lyrical themes and serpentine song structures are tucked neatly into what seem at first just like uncommonly catchy tunes. Burch’s crystal clear vocal harmonies and gracefully crafted songs feel so warm and friendly that it’s easy to miss the lyrics about destructive relationships, daddy issues and substance abuse that cling like spiderwebs to the hooky melodies. The maddeningly absent lover being sung to in “2 Cool 2 Care”, the crowded exhaustion of “With You Every Day” or even the grim, paranoid tale of scoring drugs in “Asking 4 A Friend” sometimes feel overshadowed by the shimmering sonics that envelop them.
“To me this album marks the end of an era of uncertainty. Writing songs about my emotional struggles helped me to work through some negative patterns in my personal life, while giving me the sense of creative agency I’d been searching for.”
Emerging from years spent as a supporting player, Quit the Curse stands as a liberation from feeling like Burch’s own songwriting voice was just out of reach — an opportunity, finally, for the world at large to hear what’s been on her mind for quite a while” (Facebook Press Notes)

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