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Tyrannosaurus Dead: Local bullies (Odd Box Records, 2014)

Tyrannosaurus Dead son algo así como esa banda de post adolescentes algo iracundos enfadados con medio mundo. Vamos, unos Indie-Punks de toda la vida. Esa rabia la han canalizado y estará en el mercado este otoño por medio de Odd Box Records.

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Tyrannosaurus Dead/Joanna Gruesome: Split Single (Odd Box Records, 2014)

Dos grupos evidentemente cercanos al Fuzzy y al Pop más ruidoso comparten single este próximo 21 de Julio. Buenas noticias para los seguidores del género y de estas dos divertidas bandas.

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Facebook Tyrannosaurus Dead

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Tyrannosaurus Dead: Pure/Apart (Oddbox Records, 2013)

Pure // Apart cover artEl quinteto de Brighton Tyrannosaurus Dead son una de esas agrupaciones nerviosas y enérgicas que de vez en cuando (más de cuando en vez, desgraciadamente), aparecen por el panorama británico de la música Indie. Noisepoppers de libro, su Fuzz-Pop y su música se pueden entroncar con Dinosaur Jr., los TFC primigenios y más briosos, Mudhoney, Delgados

It’s ‘Buried In The Ground’ that kicks-off the EP, and if you don’t like that then why on earth you’re showing an interest in a website that deals with an awful lot of fuzzy guitar music is beyond us. It’s near pop perfection and has a cracking guitar solo; there almost doesn’t need to be a track break between that and ‘Soft’, a song with the same tempo and made of the same components but with a different melody. Maybe Pterodactyl Dead would be a more suitable name; they’re in full flight here. Then they actually do do away with the track break between ‘Soft’ and ‘Sadie’, the two songs segue into each other seamlessly. The tunes are all the same make and model but the sheer energy on display is exceptional. By now, something resembling a half-time break is needed, and this is supplied in the grunge-pop of ‘Matthew’. Or at least for the opening minute, then the song takes off again with astonishing consistency and power. It’s hardly worth saying that ‘Splinters’ is high-octane fizz-bomb pop that packs a melodic punch. Usian Bolt would have trouble keeping pace with these guys. Then, just as your record player is about to pass out through exhaustion, they finish things with a no less guitar-heavy but a little less frenetic closer ‘Pure & Apart’. The temptation is there to just head straight back to the start and take this ride again, but we’re gonna need a little lie down first” (The Sound of Confussion)


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