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The Cairo Gangs: Tiny Rebels (Empty Cellar Records, 2013)

Tiny Rebels cover art

Emociones cruzadas

Son las que siento al escuchar este álbum de The Cairo Gangs, el combo de San Francisco que el año pasado editaba Tiny Rebels. Un álbum en el que lo mismo cabe la Psicodelia como el Jangle, con esas guitarras de doce cuerdas presentes en todos los temas. Una especie de Pop Psicodélico pasado por el tamiz del Jangle Pop. Canciones intensas, quizás poco amables, pero desde luego de esas que se dejan disfrutar.

“The sound of this record is what distinguishes it the most from previous works. Each song has the same instrumentation. two electric 12-string guitars, bass, and drums, with many voices often double tracked exciting a gorgeous spring reverberation and cut fiercely onto quarter inch tape. always in the red and fighting for space, the layers are deeply compressed and pulsating, creating an un-ease that fluctuates as if the listener is in a vacuum, pushing and pulling. or a wave pool. when cranked, it sounds as if there is music happening beyond the music. in the abstraction of the guitar sound. in the spacial irrecognition of the tape and reverb. the non-presence of the drums.. the jagged tremoloes.. The Cairo Gang has armed itself well on this record. turn it up loud and let it wash over you like an ocean” (Press)

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