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CC TV: Gapless (2012)

En el intervalo entre nuevo material de Archers, Chris Cantino nos envía este nuevo proyecto, bajo el alias de CC TV. Su trabajo se llama Gapless (2012), y en realidad se trata de un tremendo collage sonoro en el que todo (o casi todo) vale: Psicodelia, Freak-Folk, Pop de guitarras, SynthPop, experimentos vocales, fragmentos sonoros extraídos de YouTube, anuncios… Todo un experimento sónico que mejor te preparas un hueco de tu ajetreado día para escucharlo convenientemente, no sea que te pille desprevenido.

CC TV – Gapless (2012)

CC TV is a continuous 26 minute sound collage of about 30 super chopped tracks, totally genrefucked but mostly weirdo h-pop stuff. Starts with a minute of youtube rips and TV static then CC’s autotuned vocals come in “i don’t want 2″ and the album totally fumes from there into total ADHD-psychedelia. pretty fucked up and kind of amazing like nobody’s ever done it before. pretty much all over the place!! neo-dada hypnagogic stuff not unlike Ariel Pink or James Ferraro, faux radio commercials, pitched-up ambient passages, cold synthpop, joe meek-style spacesurf and girl-group pop (pitch-shifted vocals!), zonked cover tracks, even getting a little dino jr. at times… list goes on. whole mix is saturated with TV/appliance noise and a shitty pedalboard, super lo-fi and nostalgia-ridden with elements of chop/screw production, concrete, and field recordings CC collected in oregon. feels totally outsider, very psychedelic, nostalgic, and funny sometimes” (Press)

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