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North by North: Pistoletta / Dark star (Single, 2015)

“Influenced by the shadowy, dark majesty of Queens of the Stone Age and the downright possessed guitar work of Jack White, North by North have sweated it out in basements and clubs over the last few years, working up to just what Something Wicked turns out to be: a spastic, yet finely-honed journey to where garage rock, 70’s psych and arena anthems meet. Once there, the band sounds completely at home, taking the listener through literate tales of mystery that are painted with frantic guitar, whirring organ and heart-pounding rhythms”


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North by North: Mama gold / Break some bones (Single, 2014)

Single guerrero el de estos chicos de Chicago llamados North by North, mezcla del Pop agreste de Blondie con los cortes más rockeros y bestias de Yeah! Yeah! Yeahs!

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