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A Journey Down the Well: How little can be the orchestra (Ep, 2011)

How Little Can Be The Orchestra Cover Art

A medio camino entre el Post-Rock, la Experimentación y la Clásica (ellos se autodefinen como Classical Punk Music), se encuentran A Journey Down the Well, un combo formado entre componentes suecos y turcos, que hicieron más o menos el mismo viaje a la hora de mezclar elementos de uno y otro lado para conformar su música. Por ejemplo, no tienen reparos en incluir samplers de ruidos de calles, de aficiones animando a sus equipos, de animales o de chicas gritando. Esa mezcla de elementos y de influencias se siente a lo largo de este breve pero intenso Ep que su discográfica, Fluttery Records, ha tenido a bien de ofrecernos.

A Journey Down the Well – How little can be the orchestra (Ep, 2011)

“A Journey Down The Well, the band known for creating extraordinary classical music pieces, releases a new EP, “How Little Can Be The Orchestra” on Fluttery Records.
A Journey Down The Well releases a new four song EP revealing their impulsive, unusual, minimalist approach to classical music. This is their first entirely instrumental release, as well as the first release of A Journey Down The Well as a duo.
A Journey Down The Well was founded in 2006 by musicians from Turkey (Taner) and Sweden (Anna and Martin). In 2010, after releasing two albums (The Funeral Album – 2007 and Sorry Monsters, I Have To Grow – 2009) the Swedish wing left the band citing the difficulty in traveling between the two countries. Taner Torun (the only founding member remaining in the band as well as the owner of Fluttery Records) has moved the project to his hometown and partnered with Ipek Zeynep Kadioglu (cellist, Mimar Sinan Conservatory & Manchester University School of Music and Drama graduate).
The new compositions contains rich string pieces (“How”), beautiful piano-violin-cello arrangements (“Little”), ambient structures created through delay manipulations (“Can Be”) and processed cellos made to sound like a ship’s foghorn ( “The Orchestra”).
Taner Torun says “The EP is called How Little Can Be The Orchestra and there are several reasons for this. First of all, we recorded it as just two people and it reflects the minimalist nature of our music. Also, there is still sadness but also a gleam of hope. All four songs are about how little things have importance and make people happy with their existence like birds, kittens, children and toy instruments.”
How Little Can Be Orchestra also contains various field recordings alongside the music. Cars pass by on the street and a little girl yells at them from the window (02), fans celebrate their victory (03), newborn kittens sing along with other animals and it becomes a choir (04). Taner Torun says “They are not spices to make the compositions colorful. They are the core elements of the compositions just like piano, violin and cello.”  (Bandcamp)

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