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The Money Go Round: Velvet sky (Single, 2015)

¿Cómo puede construirse un gran tema en base a un sencillo riff que encima hunde sus raíces en el Pop más Psicodélico…? Así. Como lo hacen The Money Go Round.

“Velvet Sky is the new release from Brother Duo The Money Go Round. Velvet Sky is a much-anticipated release from the pair after some line up changes forced the hold up of the new material. Now back on track the boys are “stinging to release a heap of new music this year”.
With the release of their previous single ‘Endless Sun’ the boys had a string of great live shows supporting bands such as a Papa Vs Pretty, the Snowdroppers, tours of the east coast with Kingswood, The Griswolds and the Belligerents.

Velvet Sky was recorded and produced by the boys in their home studio in Sydney’s East.
The track is complimented by a must watch claymation stop motion film clip animated and directed by the Brayden Gifford of ‘Braymations’ that took over 1000 hours and over a year to complete” (Press)


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The Money Go Round: Velvet sky (Pavement Records, Single, 2014)

“Written and recorded in the boys’ home studio in Sydney’s east, The single conforms to The Money Go Round’s smooth psychedelic sounds while delivering a catchy guitar riff, captivating bass line and enchanting vocal melody.

“Velvet Sky is a little escape song, something simple to let your imagination wander to” (TMGR)


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