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Filardo: Enter the edit suite (2011)

Enter the Edit Suite Cover Art

En su último mail, Christian me habló también de su hermano, Tom Filardo, que es el auténtico protagonista del post, ya que acaba de publicar Enter the edit suite (2011), un disco de auténtica orfebrería musical que navega sutilmente entre las ondas del mejor Pop-Barroco (It´s alwawys a good time, In the shadows of), meciéndose armoniosamente con influencias Folkies (The wind winds a prayer, I can love you more), Psicodélicas (Banana cream picture suite, A dog wearing glasses), e incluso electrónicas (We start in tango). Todo un crisol de huellas sonoras que le acercarían al Pop de Brian Wilson o a los arreglos de The Left BankeTodd Rundgren o The Zombies. Un disco con un gran trabajo de producción y que podéis degustar poco a poco. En él encontraremos verdaderas joyitas a poco que le pongamos un poco de atención. Su voz tiene un deje muy parecido al de Gruff Rhys, lo cual nos hace por momentos confundirnos si estamos ante alguno de los trabajos más elaborados de los Animales Superfurry, lo cual nos da un toque de cercanía aún mayor a todo el conjunto. Además, su disco está disponible para que cualquiera pueda disfrutarlo y descargarlo gratuita y legalmente desde su Bandcamp. Os dejo los enlaces.

Filardo – Enter the edit suite (2011)

“Tapping a wide range of influences, (Tom) Filardo incorporates the warmth and innocence of Brian Wilson, a skillful Zombies-esque chord style, and hectic production attempts of early krautrockers. Sometimes bold, other times introspective, the lyrics, melodies, and production of “Enter The Edit Suite” runs the gamut from ecstatic and energized to despondent and minimalist.
Tom Filardo’s previous musical efforts (Asleep In The Sea, and Total Noise) garnered modest critical attention and tour spots. By staying true to his pop origins while integrating multiple influences from diverse music scenes (Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR) Filardo has emerged from the “Edit Suite” with a thoughtful and intruiging debut record” (

Awhile back I posted some demos from a band called The Naked Uh. It’s safe to say I fell in love with their sound and after hearing them I found myself looking forward to the release of their album In the Edit Suite. Well two days ago the album was released on bandcamp, and all I can say is that it pretty much lived up to expectations (and maybe even exceeded them). (Since then The Naked Uh has become Filardo, the surname of sole member Tom Filardo. If you keep up with my blog the name should be somewhat familiar to you. I told you about younger brother Christian Filardo and all his artistic exploits.)
This album is just begging to be heard if for no other reason than Tom’s painstaking attention to songwriting detail. Under his watchful eye, numerous instruments breathe colorful life into this album of indie pop gems. On top of that there is a variety of influences here that serve to give the album just enough diversity to keep you smiling.
I really can’t say enough good things about this album. For proof of its greatness check out the track I posted below. Hopefully it will entice you to download the whole thing (which is yours for free)” (

Bandcamp / HolyPage Records

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