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La Gran Pérdida de Energía: La gran pérdida de energía (2012)

La Gran Perdida de Energia cover art

“La Gran Perdida de Energia’s story starts in Patagonia, Argentina when 4 guys decide to make music that doesn’t exist in their small village. You can feel the weather and see those landscapes when you hear their music.
The musical composing is a kind of a trip. Most of the time you don’t know when or where this is going to end. As soft climates and melodies are common, sometimes everything crashes with some powerful drums and bass. La Gran Perdida de Energia makes music with 4 instruments (2 guitars, bass and drum) and post-rock maybe the genre of their music. Some post-rock guitars and cymbals play rhythm when the drum and bass hit together… It’s normal to hear changes in phrases, and sometimes the trip end at an unexpected moment. There are lot of snow, lakes, rain and woods in those musical climate, as are in their home town Patagonia.
Most of the record is instrumental; there are little “mantras” in the second half of it, repeating that little words to find all their own meanings. Voice is like an other instrument in those moments. The record starts with a little intro of “El Mes del Viento” and continues with “Balsa”. “Do!” is where the music gets more cozy with more rhythm and guitar plucking. Then with “Bajo el Manzano”, the music takes a long road that arrives the ocean and stays there with “De los que Viven Bajo el Agua”. “Asia” takes things more powerful with all the structure changes and mantras of “Diente de León”.
The goal is achieved at the end, they produced music does not exit in their town and Fluttery Records can not resist releasing it” (Fluttery Records)

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