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Squalloscope: Bloodbaths for birds (UMA Remix, 2013)

“One Seayou artist remixes the other. Coincidentally, it is also one former Red Bull Music Academy participant (Madrid 2011) remixing one future participant (New York 2013). UMA did this fantastic transformation of Squalloscope’s Bloodbaths For Birds, amazing as it already was, into a dark & moody electro piece. It is the first remix UMA ever did and, judging by that track, hopefully not the last. We have put it up on our Soundcloud as a free download (…)
UMA is German-Austrian married couple Ella and Florian. They are living and working in Berlin. She studied classical music and sang in choirs in the solitude of southern Austria. He grew up in suburbia where he formed a Guns N’ Roses tribute band with a drum machine. Both moved to (different) big cities and were part of rather successful bands. By chance they met, married and formed UMA in late 2011 as a one-off support gig for Silver Apples at the Red Bull Music Academy 2011 in Madrid that Ella was part of. That event was so inspiring that they kept making music. Their debut EP Drop Your Soul, which also includes a Silver Apples collaboration, was released to critical acclaim in May 2012 including a successful release tour which peaked with a performance at the London Field Day Festival. Dark vibes, bright future is what SPIN had to say about UMA. We think so too.” (Press)


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Squalloscope: Zephyr (Single, 2012); Soft Invasions (2012)


Squalloscope es el alias bajo el que se esconde Anna Kolhweis, una cantautora austriaca que graba para Seayou, un sello que opera en ese país y que nos ofrece algunas de sus referencias para poder compartirlas con vosotros en el blog. Anna es una chica que factura sonidos de corte intimista y arreglos elaborados:
“Soft Invasions is the first Squalloscope album, based on notes from a travel diary and was recorded in the summer of 2011, mostly in Anna Kohlweis’ home. Various guests were invited to contribute to this collection of songs about leaving, arriving and the utterly bizarre time in between; about strangers, lovers and friends one meets on the road, the bridges we built and holes we leave behind when we go. Soft Invasions was released in March 2012” (Press)


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