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Sweden Trip – HONEYMILK: Trip (Birds Records, Single, 2017)

“Trip”, by Stockholm, Sweden based indie rockers Honeymilk, was created when singer Marcus Admun brought some chords to guitarist Nikki Nyberg. Some Thin Lizzy meets Mac DeMarco meets TOPS-guitars later the track was finished. The song is typical Honeymilk stuff – lyrics discussing the fact that life seldom reaches higher that a 2 out of 5 grade in general, but with melodies and arrangements that believes you into thinking the opposite” (Press)


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New not New – HONEYMILK: The nothing new (Single, 2017)

Algo nuevo que no es nuevo. Un contrasentido explicado en el nuevo sencillo de Honeymilk, adelanto de su próximo trabajo.

“The Nothing New’ could be about finding yourself in an age and situation where the demands that hunts you are increasing; the same that it takes more alcohol to get drunk, it takes greater and greater everyday explosions for the static line that life has gradually turned into to be moved. It could also be a pretentious and unclear salute to both Samuel Beckett’s book Murphy or Spacemen 3. Or it could be a very good pop song that means nothing” (Press)


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Acercándonos al Lado Oscuro: Honeymilk publican su último sencillo: “Time will kill me” (Birds Records, 2016)

“Honeymilk, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is seven years of friendship originating from episodes of police dogs, speakeasies in scout cabins, a spontaneous boat ride to Gotland, stolen exes and vandalized scaffolds – and music as the only life support. Thats why it comes so natural that the band Honeymilk is no more, to instead turn into a duo. Not like Bobbysocks or Japandroid, but more like Milli Vanilli or Foxygen.
The new era in Marcus, Nikkis and Honeymilk’s lives starts with three new singles. The songs are written, grown and recorded by Marcus and Nikki themselves, with help from a group of blumbers and friends. The first track to be released is “Time Will Kill You”, out now!” (Press)


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Honeymilk: Psychrocker (Single, 2015)

“The sound of Honeymilk glides across the room in a smoothly flowing wave as the guitar paints colourful rainbows for the ears to enjoy. A firmly anchored bass and percussion gives the output a rolling direction of travel, whilst the vocal calmly brings the elements together as though folding a mousse together.
‘Psychrocker’ features de Montevert, stage moniker for Ellinor Nilsson. It was produced by Mats Björke (Mando Diao, Thorsten Flinck, etc.) and was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London”


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Honeymilk: Sanguine skies (Single, 2014)

“Stockholm based Honeymilk had a great 2014 with two new singles, a UK tour and ever growing presence on US college radio. KEXP are spinning their tunes, Q Magazine likes it, Music Week choose the band as their “Band of the Week” in January 2015, and at one of the UK shows Alan McGee, legendary Creation Records founder showed up. Today marks the release of “Sanguine Skies”, the last single from the 4-track EP with the same name” (Press)


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Honeymilk: A scene in between (Single, 2014)

Chicas y chicos: ¡¡el Madchester no ha muerto!! Honeymilk se empeñan en que ésto no sea así. Y a fe que les sale muy muy bien…

“a youthful Charlatans gone wayward after sneaking lessons from Primal Scream, Soup Dragons and The Stone Roses”-(God Is The TV Zine)

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Honeymilk: Let´s talk about compassion (Single, 2014)

A medio camino entre la Americana y el Brit Pop se encuentra este sencillo de los suecos Honeymilk.

”To pay six quid for a shot, a drink and a beer, get a beating in Newcastle, talk politics in the trunk of a car in Blackburn and play music, that’s what you wanna do”, says the Honeymilk singer MarcusAdmund about the band’s spring tour in England. Second time around, Honeymilk payed UK a visit to play in cities such as Manchester and Newcastle. Playing a sold out gig at ”The Finsbury” in London, ment reaching a milestone for the band members.Being on tour has made an impact on the new material from the band.
”Taking turns in playing our favourite songs in the car, sometimes agreeing and sometimes disagreeing when sharing musical references, it adds a depth to the music and the creative process. I think it will notice on our new songs”, says Marcus. 
This fall, Honeymilk will release the EP ”Sanguine Skies”. It was recorded in six days on the island Gotland and has been produced by the band together with Alexander Härnlöv. During the process the band found new ways to play and explored different styles of music. ”We’ve dared to bring in new elements on these songs. For example, we would never have used bongo drums a year ago”, says Marcus. The British influences are still there though, as on the debut album, and the band will return to England for a tour in november” (Press)


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Honeymilk: Sea to the shining sea (Single, 2013)

Actitud rockista y arrope Poppero. Algo así al sonido de Wilco aderezado con unos riffs altamente contagiosos. Pop enérgico y adictivo. Muy recomendable.
Sea to shining sea es su último sencillo, extraído de su álbum de 2013: Lean on the sun, editado en Noviembre.

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Honeymilk: Light entertainment (Eat Your Greens, Single, 2013)

Honeymilk es una de las bandas suecas que mayor proyección rockistas presentan en la variopinta escena musical nórdica. Están en la órbita de Birds Will Sing for You y éste es su último sencillo.

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Honeymilk: Situations of you (Single, 2013)

Situations Of YouSi hay algo que caracteriza a las bandas emergentes es su sentido de la urgencia, la energía generalmente desbordante y casi siempre sin freno. Honeymilk es una banda sueca que explota, de alguna manera, este concepto. Su tercer sencillo es este This time around, un tema en el que incorporan algunas nuevas sonoridades: cuerdas, más arreglos y desde luego un buen dominio de la melodía. Según reza en su nota de prensa, una mezcla entre Wilco y el Brit-Pop. Buenas vibraciones…

Swedish indie rock youngsters Honeymilk’s two first singles, “It Might Be” and “This Time Around”, was a great success in the blogosphere when released a couple of months ago. “It Might Be” climbed on the Swedish Student Radio top ten list and became one of the most played tracks of the season, as well as getting praises from all over the world. The band is now a house hold name on the Stockholm pop scene, attracting large crowds.
“Situations Of You”, the new single, sees the band reach a new level adding keys and noise to the mix. Somewhere in between Wilco, Calexico and Brit Pop we find ourselves drawn into this raunchy pop track. We love it!” (Press)

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Honeymilk: This time around (The gods won´t save me), (Single, 2013)

HONEYMILK | "This Time Around (The Gods Won't Save Me)" (2013)El nuevo sencillo de los suecos Honeymilk es un tema de esos que te pegan directamente en el subconsciente y te dejan una huella indeleble por unos cuantos minutos. Estribillo fácil e impacto instantáneo para este corte de rasgos rockistas y cierta huella de los Primal Scream más stonianos y puntiagudos.
Bonita carta de presentación para su disco de debut, que aparecerá en breve.

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Honeymilk: It might be (Single, 2012)

Tienen todo el sabor de la Americana de toda la vida: sonidos rockistas ejecutados a velocidad de vértigo. Algo así como una reencarnación nórdica de Jason and The Scorchers, o algo así. Lo cierto es que este debut de Honeymilk tiene todos los ingredientes para convertirse en un single de referencia aun sin descubrir absolutamente nada nuevo.
Honeymilk, hauling from a couple of different Swedish small towns, releases it’s debut single “It Might Be” on Eat Your Greens Music, October 22. It’s all about longing for something else, a feeling that the grass is always greener on the other side. Whether that’s true or not is not really that important when that feeling get channeled into songs a driven as “It Might Be”. It’s classic inde guitar rock smoothened up with americana and marching drums – all lead by singer Marcus Admund‘s characteristic voice.
The track was recorded at Gotland, an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, with producer Linus Larsson who’s previous work includes Mercury Rev,Peter, Bjorn & John and Anna Ternheim” (Press)
Puedes disfrutarlo en su Soundcloud.


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