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Outer Limits Recordings: Birds, Bees, Babys, Bacteria (2013)

Pop Psicodélico, Pop Bizarro, continúan en la senda de Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, Animal Collective… Todo hecho desde casa. Outer Limits Recordings es el alias del prolífico Sam Mehran.

“Spiritual successor to Sam Mehran’s beautiful ‘Singles, Demos and Rarities’ record on Weird World Records: ‘birds, bees, babys, bacteria’ is a collection of songs which bewilder & delight – in fashionable Outer Limits Recordings style. 
Outer Limits is totally 2069. This music feels deep-fried in hash resin, abducted by aliens, and coming home to perform classic otherworldly pop songs. 
The second half of the record takes you on an interlude of hypnagogic K-hole daydreams, and we couldn’t be happier. Guest appearances from Ariel Pink & James Ferraro”



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