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Lights That Change: Starlight (Single, 2015)

Like the previous single, ‘Starlight’ is chalked full of ethereal wave magic, but with an optimistic lilt and overarching sound reminiscent of The Sundays.  Vocalist Mandy Clare delivers mesmerizing vocals amidst a flurry of encapulating pop guitar patterns with a highly positive energy and calming effect. 

“I put the lyrics and melody to Marc’s instrumental track after a late night out in a salsa club.  It is mostly about the role that being led by a good dance Lead (even a stranger) can play in filling a void and in healing.  It also has something to say about hesitation and whether to follow a strong intuitive ‘pull’ that runs against the grain,” explains vocalist Mandy Clare. “I love the song. There is something sad but also a comforting rhythmic lull about it.” (Press)


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Lights That Change: Voices (Single, Ear to Ear Records, 2015)

“A brooding intro brings us into a sonic world, suggesting something of classic shoegaze flavour whilst shooting firmly for the mysterious unknown future…a radiosexy reinvigoration of early 4AD spirit” – Joe Foster (Creation Records)

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