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Streak and The Raven: Federation (Ep, 2011)

Streak and The Raven son un combo finlandés que han querido compartir con TJB su sonido, a medio camino entre el Rock más épico y un cierto goticismo rayano a los ochenta. Su música, intrincada y ejecutada en el disco prácticamente en directo, está llena de referencias al Pop que se facturaba en el Reino Unido en la década de Margaret Thatcher. Su sonido oscuro (The federation begins) no está exento de buenos momentos melódicos (The Federation March) o decididamente intimistas (Stones and berries)

Streak and The Raven – Federation (Ep, 2011)

“Hailing from Finland, this nascent band came into existence two years ago, with their instruments in hand and straps slung over their shoulders. They created their own vortex in the time and space continuum by conveying music that illustrates the everyday with its peaks and valleys – in essence, panorama pop. After a few dates at major festivals during last summer, the band would return to the studio in December to compose and record their new EP, “The Federation,” which they mostly recorded live. Hopefully you will also notice the warmth of the sessions comes through in their songs despite the biting cold of the past winter. This time they dropped some of the guitars and devoted themselves to vocal harmonies and oscillators.
The title, “The Federation,” does indeed convey the idea of unity that embodies something significant. The music is not as strict as the names are but when considered it is imagined that one is trying to eradicate memories from a lost time, it is almost as if there is an idea of floating that needs to be passed through the songs, an idea of what it might be like to be a Raven, perhaps. The first track is “The Federation Begins”, as for a beginning this definitely is one: I see it as there being an essence of a journey that is near and with its approach there is a raven that has come to lead them. “The Federation March” is like a marching song, and most seemingly it is almost dangerously painful. Painful in the context that there is something important to be conducted, there is imagery of one traveling with strangers who are focused on the same concentration. And finally there is a feeling of relief and a lack of tension which was indeed needed for the final track; “Stones and Berries” gives vision of being alone with only a single heartbeat resounding in the open air… somewhere in a forest maybe. As an artist, I figure it is a wonderful thing to float through the visceral creations of one’s mind and this band might be one of the best that I have heard thus far this year, in terms of the way that I am inspired to paint things that fly everywhere.
One listen to Streak and the Raven and I was instantly hooked. Like a fish caught fast in a net, Streak and the Raven caught my attention. I so suggest that if you would like to float off into a parallel universe of illustrated backgrounds and a constant heartbeat of drumming, you should then take a moment to introduce yourself to Streak and the Raven’s “The Federation” EP” (

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