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Implodes: Marker (Single, 2011)


La banda de Chicago Implodes acaba de publicar su primer disco grande: Black earth. Implodes son un grupo de Rock digamos que de atmósferas cargadas, espesas, de desarrollos instrumentales largos. No os confundáis, no son una banda de Post-Rock. Son un grupo Drone que le gusta recrearse en el detalle. Trazas de Psicodelia, de Space-Rock… Mejor escuchas y descargas el tema pinchando en el enlace.

Implodes – Marker (Single, 2011)

“Chicago crew Implodes’ first official full-length Black Earth’s a 43-minute collection of densely atmospheric star-melting guitar scrawl, acoustic interludes, and gentler drone. It’s the kind of heady nighttime psychedelia that has a way of feeling truly space-stretching and mind-altering, like how Flying Saucer Attack could create and then maintain those private shadowy landscapes. At times these songs feels more dire or dirge-like — the beautiful riverside sunset on the cover comes with a woman wielding a knife — but each of the 11 tracks is beautifully melodic. Most are patiently catchy, darkly propulsive. Others oddly upbeat. There’s a fragility even when the lite cascade of “White Window”’s eclipsed by the distorted echo of “Screech Owl” or harsher half-speed sludge of “Song For Fucking Damon II (Trap Door).” It’s pop music buried in shimmering murk and it feels way more refined than a “debut” should sound. It’s a record that gets stronger on repeat listens” (

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Oír-Hear: Marker (Single, 2011)

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