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Birthdays´presents – KODY NIELSON: Birthday Suite (Flying Nun, 2018)

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“Birthday Suite is an energetic, elaborate set of instrumental arrangements comprised of drums, bass guitar, strings, electric piano and synthesizer. A concise and challenging experimentation, Birthday Suite takes ques from everything from the baroque to Afrobeat, Jazz Fusion, Psychedelic Rock and offbeat explorational sounds while maintaining a commitment to classic songcraft and musicianship.
Songs like Bic’s Birthday – sees baroque melodies skating with graceful aplomb over funky drum beats, calling to mind Wendy Carlos or CAN, while Ruban’s Birthday is a short, sharp composition melding psychedelic string arrangements with swirling drums and organ. 
With Birthday Suite, Nielson yet again shows his constant ability to agitate and explore his own boundaries and cements his position as one of the most urgent and interesting characters in New Zealand’s music history” (Press Notes)

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