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Socket Science: Ephedra (2010), Astor Bell


Música electrónica este lunes. En esta ocasión, la nueva referencia de Astor Bell: Ephedra, segundo lanzamiento de Socket Science, proyecto que nos llega desde Suecia y disco más reflexivo y oscuro que su predecesor, más dirigido hacia el Electro-Pop. Como en The JangleBox no estamos muy versados sobre música electrónica, os dejo con las reseñas del propio selllo. Eso sí, como cada lanzamiento de Astor Bell, se puede descargar gratis desde la propia página.
“Compared to the more playful debut, Socket Science slows things down on the follow up Ephedra. Three dark, distorted and long jams that focus on the lower frequencies yet remain true to the core idea, being Robot Music with Soul.
It’s easy to envision lined up drones doing their monotonic labour in dirty factories. However, these pieces of music also carry the reverberation of their children playing on the school yard across the street, as well as the moans and squeaks of the community elders in need of an oil tin refreshment. Everyone’s invited, everyone plays a part.
And not to forget; all these influences and emotions are packed upon a quite steady and bouncy beat. Do your club a favor and spin” (

Socket Science – Ephedra (2010)

“SS is AB co-honcho Don Simon’s outfit for tweaking pop music. SS turns failures into original features. Cooks unintentional hodge podge soup. Serves it with steady beats and makes you dance at home alone. You can label it robot music with soul.
Socket Science has taken the step from electro pop to pop electro via disco, techno, indie, musique concrête, electronica and distorted flutes – and brings it all together. This collection of sounds and beats was one of the major reasons for starting up Astor Bell and the debut EP Pulver Stunts summarizes these years of evolvement.
Since then Socket Science has moved towards slightly darker territories. The follow up Ephedra shows a more techno oriented side. Slower but at the same time more suitable for club rotation. The next output is likely to follow the same path, but with such a wide range of influences noone can be sure of what the future will bring”

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