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Los Campesinos!: Kindle a flame in her heart (Single, 2010)


Kindle a flame in her heart es el título del tema que Los Campesinos! han publicado para esta campaña navideña y que puedes disfrutar de manera absolutamente gratuita. Si no tienes en cuenta las letras ni siquiera pensarías que se trata de un tema navideño, ya que suenan absolutamente a Los Campesinos!, quizás algo más atemperados, pero guardando la esencia un tanto irreverente que les caracteriza. Pincha en el enlace y podrás disfrutar del tema-

Los Campesinos! – Kindle a flame in her heart (2010)

“Kindle A Flame In Her Heart” is a downcast Los Campesinos! Christmas song that appears on a 7″ in the band’s new quarterly zine, Heat Rash. With the right editing, Amazon could use it in their 2010 holiday ad campaign” (

“HARK!” the herald angels sing, “the boy’s a cherub, let him be”.
And you harmonised more beautifully than they could.
At 8 years old I played the role of Gabriel dressed head to toe,
in white denim though with less optimistic foresight.

Your lips land lightly, like Robin Redbreast’s feet in the snow,
I hold you tightly like your halo’s lined with mistletoe.
Thawing my heart like morning frost, falling under my feet.
Oh silent night, oh lonely week

Merry Christmas
I wish you were here
Merry Christmas
Maybe 5, 10, 15, 20 years.

Kindle a flame in her heart,
kindle a flame.
You’ve got to untie me from these bows,
wrap your arms around me like swaddling clothes.

On the sixteenth day I opened up the window,
found a lump of coal and rammed it down my stupid, greedy throat.
On the seventeenth you came around, my tiny teeth had been ground down,
but then you turned them back to smiles with just one kiss,
now listen to this…

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Oír-Hear-Kindle a flame in her heart

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Los Campesinos!: Romance is boring (2010), Wichita

Con este tercer trabajo debajo del brazo y aún reciente, hemos de decir que Los Campesinos! han madurado. Han madurado de su faceta más juvenil y cercana al Twee-Pop hasta acercarse a una suerte de Pop-Post-Punk, o Pop-Acelerado, subiéndole el volumen a sus guitarras hasta un nivel antes no conocido para las huestes de Gareth Campesino! Sus letras, además de crecer en extensión, han dado un giro más digamos que reflexivo añadiéndole referencias costumbristas. Los ritmos de los temas igualmente se han enriquecido, y podemos encontrar canciones con variedad de tonos (In media res, We´ve got you back), pero ello ha repercutido en que no hay temas claros de single, como diría el crítico más clásico; personalmente me quedo con Romance is boring, la mejor canción del disco, digna de los mejores momentos de Pavement, a quienes pareciera que Los Campesinos! le dedicaran el concepto general del disco, en cuanto a composición e interpretación de sus temas y sus voces. Por lo demás, momentos de Pop-Acelerado (There are listed buildings, A heat rash in the shape of the snow we state…); o de Punk-Folk (Plan A, Straight in at 101) Un disco con el que, por lo pronto, han conseguido superar la barrera creativa del tercer disco, y con el que satisfarán los oídos más ávidos de sus sonidos.

“Gareth, too, is showing off some of the wisdom of his not-so-advanced age; a limber, funny, and often uncomfortably direct lyricist, he’s a little less concerned with being clever here. One striking thing about Romance is how little concern there seems to be with rhyme schemes, as if expression of these thoughts couldn’t be relegated to some prescribed formula. Because he writes well over the lines, songs start and end in strange places– “Straight in at 101” kicks off with a knee-slapper about post-rock and winds down with a televised countdown of worst breakups ever– but it has the naturalistic feel of a stream-of-consciousness confessional written by a dude who’s been through a lot and spent even more time thinking about it. He’s always managed to find the humor in the tragic, but here, he finds time for both. He begins one song detailing a friend’s struggles with eating disorders, then leads off the next with a unison scream urging one and all to “calm the fuck down.” Because so much of this seems ripped from the pages of Gareth’s journal– and because he still sings like he’s gonna blow up at any moment– the urgency of all that he’s trying to convey can knock you flat. There may be slicker songwriters, and there are many more economical, but there are few more honest, more willing to put it all out there, and for many, more relatable. For some, the cohesive, self-assured Romance will be their favorite Los Campesinos! record; others will continue to prefer the extremity of what came before. That’s the breaks with an intensely personal band like this, I suppose; you’re going to get intensely personal reactions. Speaking as somebody a little older than your average Campesino!, I can tell you I’m glad to be out of the shitstorm of my early twenties on display here, but I do remember it well; never better than when I’m listening to this band, for better and worse. I can remember at that age feeling constantly on the verge of something, but not knowing sure just what. Romance Is Boring smacks of that feeling, knowing more than before but still trying to hash out just where to go with it. It’s fun watching bands grow; it’s been a pleasure watching this band grow up” (

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