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Kidd: Hotchpotch (The Barne Society, 2015)

Un gran descubrimiento. Un mail que me llega a finales del año pasado y que dejo algo olvidado entre el piélago de discos y sencillos que pueblan el final de año. Se trata de la recomendación de un músico escocés llamado Stu Kidd que funciona por libre. Su último trabajo es este Hotchpotch, un pequeño tesoro variopinto atiborrado de pequeñas gemas intemporales, maravillas Pop que se dejan acariciar tanto por las manos de maestros como McCartney o Wilson como por los acordes del Folk-Pop más tierno. 

“As the year draws to a close Stu has released an album that will have us all reconsidering our album of the year charts. Hotchpotch is a collection of thirteen endearing pop gems guaranteed to bring pleasure to many. The album opens with the Brian Wilson esque ‘Alfie’, a perfectly composed song with melodies that will be sure to put an extra spring in your step. ‘Little Lucy’ is certainly my favorite on the album, mainly due to the fact that my daughter is called Lucy and I can certainly relate to the lyric “This whole world is yours for a lifetime without loneliness”. ‘4 Leaf Clover’ will wow you with its melodies of mystery that take you on so many twists and turns.
The album continues with one great song after another some of which include ‘Please Will You Stay’ a beautiful, reflective song written straight from the heart. So many artists try and write songs from the heart but they just end up sounding naff, Stu Kidd is the complete opposite, he is a talented songwriter who the world needs to embrace. ‘Rooftop Cityscape’ is one for the dreamers, this is one of those magical songs that will transport you from all the horrors in this crazy world right now to a place of pure peace and harmony. ‘Waiting For The Springtime’ will instantly lift your mood with its interesting and charming sounds. ‘Leave Me Here I’m Sleeping’ with its hypnotic melodies and spine tingling vocals combining to ensure this is a song you will not forgot any time soon.
I honestly could say great things about every one of the thirteen songs on the album. Hotchpotch an album full of classic timeless pop at its very very best. The only thing to do now is to leave you to enjoy this album, which I say with complete and utter confidence as surely there is no one walking this planet who would not enjoy this album” (A Musical Priority)

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