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Canary Islands: Hope´s harbour (Single, 2016)

El último sencillo de Canary Islands evoca ese tipo de sonoridades que en los últimos tiempos han dado sus frutos en territorios nórdicos: guitarras limpias, medios tiempos comedidos y cierta tendencia al Pop más elegante.

“Canary Islands started in 2013 when what might be Swedens most underestimated band (better though to be underestimated than overestimated) The Animal Five decided to take a break. Canary Islands sounds like everything from instrumental atmospheric music to regular simple pop. There are no limitations and no musts, everything is left open and free. The lyrics are transparent sometimes but mostly incomprehensible” (Press)


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Canary Islands: 3P (2013)

CANARY ISLANDS | "Canary Island Baby/Pamela/Sons Of Beaches"Un poco de POP escandinavo…

The 3P is actually sort of a dogma. We record 3 songs, 3 times a year semi live in 3 days. In the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Then we release it all in one sound file mostly because we like that it’s kind of annoying, but it’s also a poke in the side to everybody, including ourselves, to the fragmentation of music listening now that music has become so easily accessible. Sometimes you feel too tired to take the time to listen to 3 songs, that’s 10 minutes of music, but actually there’s something wrong with your interest in music.”
“When it comes to pricing, it will be sort of a 3-for-1 in the e-stores. And also, it’s a way to keep us interesting as a band since we plan to release 3Ps three times a year.”
“The music will differ from 3P to 3P. We have no one to tell us how to play or how to act. This first release contains monotone instrumental pop, a cheesy 90’s song and a summer hit that never turns into a hit. We’re already working on our second 3P and today it only consists of power ballads

Facebook / Birds Will Sing for You Enterprises

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