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Elvis Costello, The Catenary Wires, Johny Mafia – Three formats, Three Singles

“JOHNNY MAFIA have long been high rollers in the burgeoning post-garage punk rackets gripping the country of France over the last few years. Inspired by classics like The Ramones, T-Rex, and The Clash, they also draw heavily on contemporary acts like Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, and the Wavves”

“More than three decades after producing Squeeze’s album East Side Story, Elvis Costello teamed up with ?uestlove, Kirk Douglas, Owen Biddle, Ray Angry, and Frank Knuckles to cover “Someone Else’s Heart” from the album for this limited edition 45 single! This version of “Someone Else’s Heart” was recorded in 2011 and marked the first time that Elvis and ?uestlove collaborated, igniting the spark that led to 2013’s Wise Up Ghost. This 45 single was previously only available for Record Store Day 2018 and features “Someone Else’s Heart” on the A-side and the instrumental version of the tune on the B-side”

“The Catenary Wires are Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey, both original members of Talulah Gosh, who were at the forefront of the winsome jangling shambolic indie pop scene from 1986 to 1988.
Both went on to form Heavenly a year later, picking up pretty much where Talulah Gosh left off, then becoming a whole lot Riot Grrrl, eventually signing with WIIIJA (U.K. home of Huggy Bear) and K (U.S. home of Bikini Kill, the Make-Up and Beck)
Next up was Marine Research, who released their debut single on wiaiwya in 1998, followed by an amazing LP on K
Then came Tender Trap, more jangle POP than their previous outing, and with Allo Darlin’s Elizabeth Morris on guitar and vocals for a couple of years
And that brings us up to date, although along the way Amelia sang with Hefner, the Wedding Present and Nick Heyward (as well as being a TOP economist) and you can look up Rob on IMDB!”

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