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Elliott Smith: Thirteen / Last call / Twilight (2010)

El legado de Elliott Smith nos deja estos tres temas que puedes descargar de forma libre y legal. Tres canciones con todo el espíritu del cantautor norteamericano, con toques de Americana y Folk-Pop a partes iguales. Tres temas intensos entre los que destaca la versión del tema de Big Star: Thirteen, al que Smith dota de una intimidad y un tratamiento acústico impresionantes.

Elliott Smith – Thirteen / Last call / Twilight (2010)

“in anticipation of the upcoming reissues of roman candle and from a basement on the hill, kill rock stars has released two free mp3s to sample from the releases. ‘last call’ is the first glimpse of the remastered roman candle album that roger seibel and larry crane, editor of tape op magazine and archivist for elliott’s family, remastered. krs will also be releasing roman candle on vinyl for the first time in the u.s. the other song is ‘twilight’ from ‘from a basement on the hill’ album. originally released by anti-, krs now has the rights to released the record and krs is now the home for all of elliott smith’s independent releases which include: roman candle, elliott smith, either/or, from a basement on the hill, and new moon. the reissues of roman candle and from a basement on the hill will be released april 6, 2010 in the u.s. here are the mp3 if you would like to download them for free:

last call

pre-ordering info from kill rock stars will be coming soon! (thanks to sylvie and tobi for the info!)

thanks to fraser for letting us know that domino recording co. in the u.k. are also repressing roman candle for release on may 4, 2010. fans in europe, asia and i think australia will be able to pre-order the album right now from domino recording co. for more info about the release or to pre-order from domino, please go here:

thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know that elliott’s song ‘angel in the snow’ appeared in the oscar nominated film, ‘up in the air.’ the song also appears on the ‘up in the air’ soundtrack. the dvd will be out march 9th. if you haven’t seen it yet, i think the whole song is used in a really nice montage of moments in the film. good luck to the film makers on oscar night!

recently, sweet addy made a nice change in it’s organization of the discussion board. now there are 2 sections. one for elliott only discussion and another for fans of elliott to discuss things as a community. it’s a nice change and one of the more positive things that i’ve seen come from it is a few news items that were new to me and i had to pass along on the site.

the first is from llaurens. she posted a great article by margie boule called ‘the truth about elliott smith.’ it touches on about the myths that have appeared over time about elliott even if lead to helping out good causes. one of the nicest and rare things about the article are the comments from elliott’s father, gary, and step-mother, marta. the article has insight to their thought who elliott really was vs. the perception others have created about elliott. the article is no longer on the oregonian website but it is on sweet addy. if you would like to check out the article, please go here: the truth about elliott smith

another post is from laclos. he maintains (which i missed because it’s an awesome resource of elliott videos and live songs! really cool site) the latest update to the site features a rare interview with elliott, neil and tony from heatmiser. it’s a really rare video for a tv show pilot in 1996. to check out the video go here: heatmiser video and don’t forget to check out the rest of dead melodies!

finally (for now), larry crane not only posted to a link to his new website, but he also posted some rare pictures from elliott’s xo sessions in 98 and one from 1997 from when elliott was helping/recording at jackpot! to check out the pictures here: xo sessions & jackpot!

hope to be back soon with more sweet addy posts and an update on the upcoming krs reissues of roman candle and from a basement on the hill!” (MySpace)


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