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Everett Parker: Dirt I will be (Single, 2013)

Everett ParkerCon toda la huella del Folk sucio de tipos como Tom Waits a sus espaldas, este sueco llamado Everett Parker nos ofrece este tema que habla, entre otras cosas, de la muerte:
”Irrevocably Human” are stories of what we, as humans, are capable of doing. About death. About murder. About murder for murder. About to be wlling to love, but not able. About addiction. About leaving. About hatred. About fear. These are things I think about a lot – how we react and act against each other. I wanted to explore this in my songs. Wanted to find stories that supported my findings. Most of what we do has reasons, somewhere hidden deep inside us. To try to understand them is hard, which only makes it more interesting to write about.”
”Dirt I Will Be” is the first single from the album ”Irrevocably Human” which is released on March 2nd through Lucky Duck Music” (Press)

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