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My & The Mighty Mighty Magoo Orchestra: Lost bride (Video-Single, 2012)

Agrupación sueca que factura un sonido de lo más peculiar, algo así como un Chamber-Pop orquestado, lleno de arreglos, matices, esmero extremo en los detalles sonoros. Todo un universo de influencias y de musicalidades diversas, resumidas en un tema titulado Lost Bride. Llegan de la mano de Birds Will Sing for You Records.
“My & the Mighty Mighty Magoo Orchestra has one and only one noble task – to entertain the public with bombastic, raw energy and swinging arrangements. Ok? It might sound a little bit lit: John LennonJoni Mitchell and James Bond visiting Mardi Gras. Looking further below the surface we’re going to meet Nina HagenKate BushFrank Zappa and Freddie Mercury. Avantgarde-soul resting on a singer songwriters bluesy bed.
The band can perform on a pile of crushed piano if that’s what you prefer!
My Engström Renman, the bands core soul is also known for her work with Gothenburg based lounge metal outfit Hellsongs” (Press)
Facebook / Birds Will Sing for You Records

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