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Basketball Shorts / Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party: Split Single (Fleeting Youth, 2014)

“Austin-based party punkers Basketball Shorts collide with Quebec’s one-man bedroom-punk alien Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party on their forthcoming split due out July 22nd on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records.
If you like infectious, upbeat songs that reference skateboarding, video games, Forrest Gump, Macho Man Randy Savage, aliens, and nihilistic inebriation, than this split is for you! Both bands have a knack for creating memorable punk ear worms that’ll crawl in and out your cortex all week. Basketball Shorts take care of the high energy party punk with grin-inducing 90s kid pop culture references and SMPP covers moody garage/surf punk for jaded skaters”

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