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Introspect – BELLAVISTA: Feline/Nocturnal (Single, 2018) – Sun and Skyway (2017)

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BELLAVISTA es el último proyecto de Rex John Shelverton, el alma mater de TAMARYN, una de esas bandas empeñadas en recordarnos que el Shoegaze es a día de hoy un género de plena vigencia. Sus ensoñaciones Dream y sus composiciones cercanas a las visiones de los clásicos del género, hacen de este segundo álbum de la banda californiana algo más que una confirmación.

“Rex’s guitar playing is both unique and legendary, his tasteful talent with reverb and distortion widely recognized, his music infused with a dark intensity and distinct musicality that comes from the inventive and original chords and scales that define the unmistakable essence of his music. Rex has a sound, and you can hear it in everything he touches.
After Tamaryn, Rex has once more given primacy to his role as the singer, songwriter, and producer of Bellavista. Bellavista’s 2013 single, ‘Always Oneness b/w Under the Walls’ (available on iTunes) offered a glimpse of Bellavista’s future work, prepared in the same kitchen by the same chef as Tamaryn’s  ‘The Waves’ and ‘Tender New Signs’. Those who love the sound of those early Tamaryn records will be pleased; Rex is leading Bellavista in that direction down the evolutionary path toward what comes next, blending his sultry, powerful voice with Bellavista’s incredibly dreamy music” (Press)

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