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Pulco: Rodeo (Ep, 2015)

Es curioso como un personaje como Pulco, con toda la serie de álbumes y Ep´s que lleva editados a lo largo de su carrera, es capaz de sorprendernos con un puñado de canciones tan sencillas y eficientes como las que componen Rodeo, un Ep en el que te vas a encontrar cortes que tienen mucho que ver con los Pavement y Sebadoh de los ´90 o con el Brit-Pop coetáneo. Échale un oído y no te decepcionará… 

“Its funny how new music comes together! I was not intending to write a set of tunes with a slight country punk twist but there you go.
The fact is though that the music is more of a nod towards that scuzzy home sound of early Sebadoh and as such one of the songs on the new EP is actually a homage to their 1994 album ‘Bakesale’.
I decided to play around with open tunings for a change and the overall sound came together with the use of my new £35 Telecaster copy that I bought last year”


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Pulco: Innovation in the trade (2015)

Innovation In The Trade cover art

“It’s funny how albums come together. I’d started with an idea of recording a number of abstract live drum loops as a basis for each song after being inspired again by the awesome rhythms on Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica.
I knew I’d end up with a set of gnarly off the wall guitar songs and I also made a decision not to use any acoustic guitar either.
I found myself exploring the idea of monologues and short stories and was determined to find a way to include some of these on the album.
During my summer holidays I bought a book of poetry by Adrian Henri in a small bookshop in Aberaeron. His words were perfect for the edgy verbal approach that I had in mind and I’ve actually used loads of his poems for lyrics on the album.
On a musical level a chance thought lead me back to listen again to a Fall CD that I’d never really taken much notice of before. My thoughts also drifted back to the cut & paste song writing approach of Pavement. I think that the sounds of both bands had a big part in the making of Innovation In The Trade.
I terms of an overall direction for the album, the final bridge that I crossed was to immerse myself in a growing love of all things DADA. 
Part of the Dadaist manifesto says – ‘ Reject reason and logic. Prize nonsense, irrationality and intuition’. That makes perfect sense to me. So now pass onward to Innovation In The Trade”


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Pulco: Hardships (Single, 2014)

In Jan 2012 I recorded a BBC Wales radio session for Bethan Elfyn in Cardiff. The producer Darren Broome and I stayed in touch and worked on a track together for the Pulco album (The Mapleson Cylinders) that I was beginning to make at the time. I was also in the process of putting together ‘The Man Of Lists’ for release that year so I sort of stopped working on the new album while I got that finished.
I was recording on a hand help Zoom H4 recorder at the time which I found difficult to work with so when I received iPad for my birthday I decided to put the Mapleson album on hold and start Clay Cutlery instead. The Mapleson songs just weren’t coming together either so I thought it best to leave them and do something else.
Having had a years or so away from the songs I decided to have a listen to them again recently and they didn’t actually sound that bad so my plan is to release them bit by bit as free singles over the coming months, the first of which is Hardships & Kings.

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Pulco: Modular Pursuits (2013)

Modular Pursuits:        15 Pulco Songs Covered By Various Artists cover art

Uno de los últimos lanzamientos de Pulco (Ash Cooke), es este Modular Pursuits. Se trata de un recopilatorio en el que varios artistas más o menos cercanos a Ash se atreven a versionear algunos de sus temas.
Modular Pursuits’ is an album of 16 handpicked Pulco songs covered by various contemporaries, peers and friends.The songs chosen were drawn from the 10 or so albums that I’ve done over the years and have been loving reinterpreted by amongst others, Euros Childs, Laurence Made Me Cry and Cymbient.
Como toda la música de Pulco, la puedes encontrar gratuitamente en su Bandcamp. 
Please also find links below to everyone who was involved. Visit the links and support the fine people that have brought this music to you !!!

CymbientEuros ChildsBen MasonNo Middle NameGorwel & Fiona OwenJames YuillIan ThistlethwaiteAdam WaltonSnippetPicture BoxAdam LeonardLaurence Made Me CryToby DuckettButchers Prime CutsWrightoid

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Pulco: 28 Years of solid lofi (2012)

28 years of solid lofi cover art

Ash Cooke (Pulco) continúa dejando muestras de su buen hacer compositivo y de su tremenda creatividad. Su Freak-Folk tiene solución de continuidad con este 28 Years of solid lofi (2012), un disco preñado de apuntes, de retazos musicales, de acuarelas pintorescas y de amagos de canciones. Ashley ya anuncia incluso nuevo álbum para comienzos de 2013: se llamará Clay cutlery.


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Pulco: Eh-Vont-Gade (Ep, 2012)

Eh - Vont - Gade EP cover art

Como regalo veraniego y para celebrar su cumpleaños, Ashley Cooke decidió editar un nuevo Ep este pasado 7 de Agosto. Eh-Vont-Gade no es más que una continuación de su Man of lists, posteado ayer mismo. Una continuación estilística y sonora, aunque en este Ep Pulco incide más en el aspecto más electrónico y experimental de su música, que tiene igualmente a sus poemas recitados como protagonistas. El Ep está disponible en su Bandcamp para que puedas escucharlo, descargarlo o compartirlo con quien quieras. Como ves, la inquietud y la creatividad de este artesano del Pop continúa intacta.


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Pulco: The man of lists (2012)

The Man Of Lists cover art

El artesano del Pop

Lo bueno de editar un blog musical es que, además de cumplir un antiguo sueño juvenil para poder compartir la música que me atrae, es la posibilidad de que muchos de los grupos, solistas o artistas se pongan en contacto conmigo para poder compartir su música. Ésto nos hace más permebles a ciertas novedades, así como tener acceso a algunos sonidos a los que seguramente de ninguna otra manera podríamos tener aproximación.
Pulco es uno de estos ejemplos. Ashley Cooke es un músico del País de Gales absolutamente hiperactivo. Compositor, músico colaborador, su mente está constantemente ocupada escribiendo o componiendo música. Registrándola no siempre en las mejores condiciones, nada importa. Su sonido, Lo-Fi, algo casero tiene mucho de cálido. Suele navegar a gusto en las aguas más cercanas al Folk, al Folk Electrónico o sencillamente al Pop.
Este es su octavo disco de estudio. En esta ocasión, su principal herramienta de trabajo fue un datáfono, una colección recitada de poemas y “the little help from my friends”. The man of lists es una colección de temas surgidos en torno a una colección de poemas recitados por Ash quien se hizo acompañar de una serie de amigos que le arroparon en la instrumentación y preparación del álbum. Veinticinco cortes que van de lo más lírico a lo más irónico o costumbrista. Toda una experiencia (un tanto ardua si lo intentamos del tirón) pero que tiene varios momentos de verdadera brillantez: Music, The downside of things, Small thoughts, Sub Z´s, Oxbow lake, Cabin fever…

Pulco – Man of the lists (2012)

“It doesn’t sound as though this lo-fi Bedroom Bard of Bangor needs any stimulus or extra inspiration to make music but for “The Man Of Lists” he has opted to record each song as a collaboration. So nine musicians or bands provide the musical setting for his spoken-word reveries and reflections on these twenty-five tracks. These range from Anglo-Dutch remixers Snippet to Scottish Gameboy wrangler Unexpected Bowtie, from the North Walian alt-folk of Gwildor to the neo-Canterbury bungalow-pop of Picturebox. It sounds like a dizzyingly diverse eclectic bunch but the music they create together sounds no more varied than a regular Pulco record: samples of the mice from Bagpuss, post-modern story-telling, kid’s voices and chiptune do not constitute surprises or variety in the kaleidoscopic world of Pulco.
These short, melodic songs, part sound collage, part monologue, have so much going on within and across them it is difficult to summarise – indeed ‘Archive’ considers Pulco as a lever-arch file, “filling up with unrelated scraps of paper…shoved under the stairs and left alone with the fluff”. But “The Man Of Lists” is always engaging – a gently unfolding voyage, sometimes poetic and lyrical (the nocturnal reverie of ‘Owl-Abuse’), sometimes comic (the hymn to failure and “a tail-spin into the mediocre” of ‘Opportunities With Music’) or just plain toe-tapping fun (the paean to country life ‘Bugger The Chickens!’ or the country lope of ‘Chips In The Rain’).
In ‘Datanet’ Pulco is the man “who dreamed of the stars, pissed outside Clwb Ifor Bach”. In ‘The Downside of Things’ the repeated, defiant cry of “I am a artist, musician and poet” is turned into a stirring two-minute electro-rock anthem by Picturebox only to end with the crushingly abrupt and stark realisation “but ultimately this will be my undoing”. There are many such tragicomic moments. ‘Cover Version For The Album’ considers a self-portrait mimicking the pastoral artwork of Vashti Bunyan’s “Diamond Day” taken outside the pig shed door but with a photoshopped gut: “fat bastard…what would Vashti say?”
One final line from an eminently quotable album: “I hope they preserve my box of bits and bobs when I’m gone” (‘Poem Over Hovering Ambience’). Don’t leave it until the demise of Mr Ash Cooke to work your way through his lists and collaborations and boony capers. Recommended for “explorers of mutant sounds”. Onward tourists! (Folly of Youth)

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Pulco: Sketchbook season (Ep, 2011)

Otro Ep para este viernes. Pulco es el proyecto unipersonal de Ashley Cooke, un músico irlandés de esos que se lo guisan y se lo comen todo a su manera. Tomando los mandos al frente con su guitarra, Ashley nos sugiere una especie de mezcla entre el Folk y el Pop más obsesivo, experimental, poético, ambiental y definitivamente interesante. No le conocía hasta que un mail suyo llegó a mi bandeja de entrada. Bendito momento. El Ep que me recomendaba es este Sketchbook season (2011). Un disco elaborado bajo patrones Lo-Fi´s, con infinidad de sonidos electrónicos, juguetitos hábilmente colocados para adornar unas composiciones ya de por sí consistentes. Su música me evoca, en cierta manera, al Beck más interesante bajo ese prisma Neo-Folkie o a gentes como Elliot Smith, Ariel Pink o incluso algunas genialidades de sus paisanos Gorky´s Zygotic Mincy. El disco está grabado para una sesión de un programa de radio llamado The Garden of Earthly Delights. Una auténtica delicia que está disponible, para disfrute y deleite generalizado a cualquier oído que quiera pasarse por su Bandcamp para darle una escucha.

Pulco – Sketchbook season (Ep, 2011)

“Unsettling looped harmonies, running water and breathy whistling. You never quite know what you’re going to come across in a Pulco record, and that’s part of its charm. Sketchbook Season continues in the ‘lofi misery poet’ style that we’ve come to know and admire (albeit maybe at a distance).
The opening track – Whistle frog finds a way – is the perfect mix of obscurity and dischordant melody to suck your ears in and have its tune going round and round your head for hours like some sort of fucked up merry go-round. It wouldn’t seem out of place as the indie background to some hip new-media viral TV advert.
In amongst the weirdness though, there’s plenty of deep, wavy sounds to let yourself sink into. Don’t Stand Down is quietly beautiful, and Party Started has enough chorus-filled guitars and sunny synths to feel like it’s on some mad, drugged out trip.
There’s plenty more to this well thought-out and intricate little EP, but you can check it out for yourself, as it’s released…free via Folkwit Records.” (Stephen McLeod, ArtRocker)

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