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Dastardly: May you never… (2010)


Hacía tiempo que no dedicábamos tiempo a los sonidos de la Americana en TJB. Al finalizar el año, Dastardly, una banda de la zona de Chicago, acaban de editar el que es su álbum de debut, este May you never… (2010). Dastardly son, en esencia, una banda de crooners acompañados por un envoltorio entre Folkie, Country y Americana. Algo así como la reencarnación de Roy Orbison o Doug Dillard en el siglo ventiuno. Por cierto, Dick Dastardly (de donde viene el nombre de la banda) es el Pierre Nodoyuna de la serie de dibujos de Hanna Barberra Los Autos Locos.

Dastardly – May you never… (2010)

The marriage between old west folk and the ambiguous genre of “indie rock” makes the songs of Dastardly a palatable playlist for those who aren’t normally attracted to cowboy crooners. In fact, by the sound of the screaming girls heard at Subterranean, we’re pretty sure the band was responsible for converting quite a few pop princesses into banjo loving broads. Experimental enough to feel fresh but traditional enough to feel familiar even to first timers, Dastardly is band that asserted itself as notable early in the game and now can enjoy the steady rise to local fame they’re guaranteed. —
Dastardly is a Chicago outfit that plays americana music with just the right ratio of “sticky-sweet” to “fuckin’ shit up.” Every note is deliberate and controlled, but just barely masks an urgent and immediate sense of existential, frantic terror that must be slowly driving them mad.
Their indie-folk, Americana sounds is perfect for a 2010 Hoedown (meaning PBR and cigarettes). The band has no shortage of instruments including lap steel, dobro, or accordian. Their tunes have a top side of bluegrass, finger-lickin’ pickin’, but there’s always a seemingly modern undercurrent whether it’s the echo-y lead guitar line of “Excercises In Self Loathing” or the big, tribal beat outro of “Brief Thoughts On Death” —

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