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Craft Spells: The fog rose high (Single, 2010; del álbum Idle Labor)

Craft Spells son un dúo Californiano formado por Justin Vallesteros y Frankie Soto que factura un Dream-Pop con reminiscencias de la música electrónica de los ochenta. Acaban de publicar su álbum de debut, Idle Labor (2010), y regalan su primer single en descarga gratuita, The fog rose high, una bonita canción que tiene indudables huellas neworderianas y que tiene un aire a The Metric Mile, ya reseñados en The JangleBox. El single es realmente bueno, y el resto del disco va en una línea parecida.

Craft Spells – The fog rose high (Single, 2010)

“Happy to welcome California’s CRAFT SPELLS across the threshold of these pages and hopefully it’ll be the first of many calls if Justin Vallesteros keep churning out charming, blurry downer-pop doozies such as “The Fog Rose High.” Now, some of this will be familar to you. The far-off, water-skimming guitar tones that entwine themselves around the jam’s tinny, insistent heartbeat and that stoned, detached drawl made up most of our Summer listening sustenance. This is an altogether more reflective, introspective affair though – Vallesteros’ distance sounding more a product of genuine despair than cool nihilism as his lonesome croon struggles to keep warm underneath chilling (not chilled anymore), crystalline keys. If we are at the beach now, all the babes are hiding from Winter. We’re alone and it is cold in its beauty” (

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