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The Salient Braves: Somewhere sordid (Dufflecoat Records, 2013)

Somewhere Sordid: EP cover art

Que Waterloo Sunset es un temazo es algo que todo el mundo sabe. The Salient Braves no son menos, y la han incluido en su Ep de debut, este Somewhere sordid (2013), un trabajo en el que los de Barnsley hacen gala de su sonido Post C86. Una fresca combinación de BMX Bandits, Belle and Sebastian y el Pop más fresco de aquella hornada, no exenta de letras ingeniosas.
Este Somewhere sordid es su disco de debut, y ha aparecido en Dufflecoat Records.

I’m alright now” is a lovely pop song about being in a cult, brainwashing never sounded so cute. Great lyrics feature throughout this EP and coupled with an indie pop backing without pretensions you have the ingredients of a very good EP indeed.
“Out to lunch” is another fun indie thrash, there is a great cover of “Waterloo sunset” too. How the EP has been recorded is a lot behind it but listening to the Salient Braves you feel like they are playing in your kitchen (or car boot depending on where you are listening to the EP!) Its intimate and democratic pop music, light years away from… you know” (Trip-Tv)

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