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Dream Baby Dream – ULTRA MATERIAL: Double date (Black Wire Records, 2016)

Un juego de parejas, un juego de dúos. Así es la música de Ultra Material. Dos parejas de amigos deciden unir sus fuerzas para dar forma a este bello ejercicio de Dream-Pop con influencias claramente Kraut.

“Ultra Material are Sarah Deasy (vox/bass), Nick Skepper (guitar/vox), Zuzana Kovar (synthesizer), and Matthew Deasy (drums) from Brisbane, Australia. The two couples had been friends for years from playing shows together in Do The Robot and Sunshine State, and decided to join together to create a concentrated affair of longing, roads, and dreams dipped in a wash of sound. A simple joy turned into a transcendent haze of electric light, their first self titled EP was launched on cassette in August 2015 withDouble Date, their full length album, set to be released on vinyl in early May 2016 through Black Wire Records” (Press)


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